The fab Designer Profit Society

Welcome friend!

Thank you so much for joining the Profit Society as a Beta Member! You were invited to join because I value your feedback and think you are the perfect fit as a creative collaborator! There is a lot of information inside, and several pieces are still being added. Those are:


I have partnered up with Annette Stepanian. She is a lawyer for creatives. After years of following her and using her contracts, I have become an affiliate and will have a link in the course to her creative contract templates. You do not need to use her contracts, but I recommend them over the others out there because they have video tutorials and the price can’t be beat! My affiliate link will be available by next week, so I will pop it into the module when I receive it.


I have also partnered up with Katie Scott of Lazy Source Accounting. She is in the process of providing me with an offer for accounting on-boarding for creative entrepreneurs. I will notify you via email once these two additions are made.

Click in the upper right corner, in the navigation bar on Member Log In. It is a little hard to read because it is in white, but in the bottom, middle, click where it states that you need a membership. On the next page, choose the Legacy Free Plan and fill out your information for your username and password for secure entry. That’s it!

See you on the other side!!!