Hourly Bundles

How it Works:

Hourly bundles are perfect for those:

✔️ That may have templates already in hand.

✔️ Would like to hire me on retainer for a 3 month minimum commitment

✔️ You need website template customization

✔️ Website audit, with updates made to the existing site

✔️ Who want me to create template designs - perfect for photographers that hold the copyright to the images

Custom Launches

You know what you want! I get it! I can pivot like the best of ‘em. I am able to adapt to your needs and timeline if you are ready to build your own epic launch. Since I only take one launch design client on at a time, you are getting my undivided attention…so of course there is that, as well as a total of 25 years of marketing and design experience!

Other Designs That We Can Create For Your Epic Launch


✔️ Hero Images for CTA Placement on Your Website Pages Spotlighting Launch
The perfect fit for those that don’t want to redo the entire website. Lead your audience into your funnels effortlessly and effectively!

✔️ Beautifully Branded Promotional Social Media Graphics
Lucky for you I have created my own, almost non-stop for the last 4 years and have become a nimble planner, designer, and online marketer! Because time is of the essence, creating savvy promotional social media graphics, paired with an equally savvy online marketing plan allows you to start seeing email list-growing results on autopilot. Can you say minimal downtime? YES! I can!

✔️ Opt-in Freebies and Content Upgrades in the form of Fillable PDF Workbooks, Cheatsheets, and Worksheets
Imagine not having to worry about the creation of these valuable goodies! These are a must-have for any online business, but who has time to think of the best way to turn your knowledge into effective PDF’s that keep your audience coming back for more? I have the experience to tap into what your ideal clients needs, create it QUICKLY, and HAPPILY make changes until it is all just right!

✔️ Instagram Stories Strategy And Design Resource Vault
Instagram stories has single-handedly changed the “like, know, and trust” factor into a synchronized version of speed dating for the creative entrepreneur! If you are not using this to it’s fullest, I can change that! Think a unique-to-you strategy, branded templates, a custom designed Instagram web page complete with content and calls to action. Don’t keep yourself out of this powerhouse of online marketing. Since I have started including this in my own marketing plan, engagement in my feed has increased by almost 50%!

✔️ Sales Pages
Building out a sales page that uses font hierarchy, images, color blocks, testimonials and calls to action the right way, is a powerful, powerful combo! Don’t have one for you launch? We’ve got you covered!

✔️ Keynote Slide Deck Designs
I LOVE Keynote! Use our signature modern, minimalist magazine layout designs, and educate in a beautiful way! You will never look at webinars the same again. We actually make them fun, and fill you to the brim with confidence. Hand this task off to someone that loves doing it!

✔️ Branded Landing Pages
Allow us to create a cozy home for lead magnets and events, that converts visitors to followers, and ultimately buyers/clients.

✔️ Email Header Designs
Don’t forget the branding within your email marketing campaigns. Graphics designed with your loyal followers in mind will connect all of the marketing dots so that everything connects, impresses with attention to detail, and grows your business because you are just plain looking good!