Savvy Client On-Boarding + Off-Boarding Kit

Savvy Client On-Boarding + Off-Boarding Kit


Say hello, welcome and goodbye in a way that does the selling for you! 

This kit sets you up for success with 6 files, including 2 welcome page templates customizable in Adobe InDesign, 2 copy and paste swipe files that you can pop into your own branded designs, and a goodbye page swipe file in Apple Pages + Word. Instructions for the goodbye page is included.

I used to get heart palpations when I would get an inquiry email! I was excited because I loved new projects, but then I would immediately get nervous because I would have to write a reply email with my pricing...EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

This bundle stops you from writing new emails and goodbyes every time the need arises. Save time and stress less. These formats make amazing first impressions and are the perfect end to your project, increasing the chance of raving reviews, referrals and repeat customers. Go get 'em!

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