How to Showcase Your Design Work Online

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Find out what apps to use to beautifully display your portfolio on your website and across social media.

Your design business may be in its beginning stages, but your website doesn't have to look like it. Use your portfolio to speak a thousand words.


Pick the best pieces that appeal to your target market and display them clearly and without movement. Many people find slideshows or moving galleries hard on the eyes, so be kind and create a static gallery.

I am going through this right now! This is the beauty of my website. Much of what I write about, is happening in real time.

My experiences are fresh, so I want to document what I am finding works best. So, right now as I type this, I am adding the designs that I have done that I feel will represent me best to YOU, my target audience.

Up until now, my website has not had a portfolio page, but I did create a link in app format for a portfolio site called Behance. This website and its focus, is on the newer side, but I have 14 years of freelance experience, with five years in corporate marketing before that. I have quite a bit of work and wanted to make sure I had a chance to figure out what I wanted to showcase here.

Today, I am doing just that!

See my portfolio page to see the different types of presentation styles I chose. A variety of styles looked best for the different designs I needed to display, but you can choose what works best for you. The guidelines below will help you do a thorough job for a great looking & linking, portfolio.

Choose Your Presentation Style

  • On site Gallery
  • Link to Behance App (Check out what mine looks like here.)
  • Computer Mock-ups
    These are perfect for showing your web designs and social media cover photo designs. When I was launching my website, I searched the web for professional computer and portable device images to customize with my new brand images. 
  • Branding Mock-ups
    I like Creative Market for mock-ups and tons of other design goodies.
  • Professional Pics of Your Printed Brand Identity Pieces.
    Take photos yourself with a DSL camera or even your Iphone or Android, if you are short on cash. I still can't afford a photographer, so I do what I can with what I have to look as professional as possible. To be honest, since I homeschool, I gave my 12 year old a chance to learn how to take photos and even stage them, by hiring her! I needed photos for my Media Kit, of me at work in my office. She loved the experience and did a great job, don't you think? I knew what I was looking for and didn't think she'd get what I wanted, but really, she nailed it! 
  • Do it All!
    Why not make a great first impression by doing a little of each, for a well rounded, experienced feel, right? Break them up into categories though, to keep things neat and organized, as well as easy to follow.
  • Don't forget LinkedIn!
    Start adding work to your profile for even more exposure.
  • Pinterest
    1. Create a board titled, My Most Recent Work or My Life's Work, something along those lines.
    2. Pin your portfolio items.
    3. Take your Image into Adobe InDesign and add a call to action like, CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REST OF MY PORTFOLIO. Here is an example from Social Media Examiner: 

4. Match your call to action to the style of your image.
5. Use hashtags. Create your own for your brand, so your topics are kept in one place for easy reference. For example: I use #sweetbranding and #jcdesigns quite a bit on my social media sites.

• Facebook
Get the app for Pinterest so your Facebook followers can click that link as well. Take a look below to see what it looks like on my Facebook page. While you're there, feel free to follow me.


As you can see, there are so many ways to showcase your graphic design, web design, logo design and brand identity pieces. The easiest way to get your designs seen, is to start with your website, use galleries and apps that your web platform offers and then work your way into posting on social media. Marketing your work online is easy to do with these simple steps.

What apps do you use for showcasing your work? Please share in the comments below!

Thanks so much! Have a great week!

Jean Coelho