How To Create The Perfect Welcome Page To Land More Clients...and why you need one


How do you feel when you go into a business and the gal behind the counter is talking on her phone?

She glances over at you, waves a little and keeps on talking.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't stay long. I like to feel welcome...pretty much anywhere I go. I am guessing that you are like that too. Body language influences purchases. If you are in a store and someone is standing over you, or following you around while you look, that is a turn off too, right?

TWEET THIS: Online businesses need to develop a type of virtual body language and customer service that makes potential clients feel welcomed and respected.

Creative entrepreneurs have quite an advantage when it comes to striking the right balance in the customer service department. Knowing how to create beautiful marketing is the advantage. USE IT! Many graphic designers don't use the design skills they have to market themselves and they wait for the business to come to them. Setting up templates, helps regular forms or emails look professional and fun to read. That includes an answer to an inquiry about your services. This is your opportunity to show off your expertise!

It is your first impression since you are not standing in an actual store. Que the Welcome Page. This is the same as you being physically present in your "store". Your website is your store and an inquiry from someone that found you online, deserves a stylish and detailed response.

Here is what your welcome page needs to make a great first impression:

  1. Professional looking graphics | Go to Getty Images, Thinkstock, Shutterstock, Veer, Creative Market or Angie Makes (Hand painted, watercolor designs).
  2. Find a pattern that you LOVE. This will be used to create a cohesive brand online and off.
  3. You will be pairing your pattern with professional looking images. Have a professional photographer take images of your desk with stylish accents that fit your personal style. You can also take them yourself, just make sure you have enough lighting and they look professional. The next best thing is to find Styled Stock Photography that fits your style. I like Twigy Posts, Rosemary Watson Productions, Dear Miss Modern and as always, Creative Market and Design Cuts.
  4. Find Icons that will apply to your three bullet points. Use a colored circle and reverse out the icon so that it is outlined in white. Again, Creative Market is a great resource. You can also find fonts that may have stylized images you can use. My Fonts has many to choose from too. Try to avoid free fonts. (Don't make me cringe.) The paid ones are a small investment, but can be used over and over for your brand and are safer for copyright reasons.
  5. Include details of your process and what your potential client can expect.

Here is what I did.



Jean Coelho