My All-Time Favorite Lists of Resources for Creative, Home-Based Businesses [Day 4 of the 12 Days of Business]

My All-Time Favorite Lists of Resources for Creative, Home-Based Businesses [Day 4 of the 12 Days of Business].png

YOU. You have a superpower! You are awesomely creative and want to make money with your delightful mix of passion and expertise, right? You hear all of these amazing stories of money made over night. You have even bought AMAZING (+expensive) online courses, that promise that if you do this, you will get THAT ($$$$). Or, you are just starting up your business with no clue of who is a great resource for people like you. You need connections to get set up right, but are overwhelmed with the weight of the internet, and how can you even begin to know who to trust?

Sound familiar?

There are actually real people that specialize in helping creative women in business, that work from their laptop anywhere in the world, or from their home. But, I didn't know where to find them. I stayed in my own little world, wondering how to reach work at home moms, like me, until June of 2015. I slowly discovered that I needed to do things differently to grow my business.

My First Steps | How I Changed the Structure of My Business

  • I joined Facebook groups.
  • I paid for a course or two, and expanded my skills.
  • I signed up for webinars on subjects that I wanted to learn, such as blogging and growing an email list. I really didn't know anything about those things!
  • I started blogging.
  • I incorporated email marketing into my business.
  • I used all of the above to position myself as a thought leader in my field.
  • I defined my strengths and used them to help others.
  • I set my mind on GIVING, instead of GETTING.
  • I addressed my target audience's struggles and made it my mission to provide solutions.
  • I needed to start thinking about passive income.

How This Helped My Business

  • I met more people that understood what I was trying to do, because they had the same goals.
  • I don't feel alone.
  • I grew my instagram account from 40 followers to 700, as of today, since April of 2016.
  • I have grown my email list from 4 to 200 since I started adding Opt-In Freebies.
  • I have found the women that I can trust. Now I have go-to girls that are resources for myself and I am happy to refer my audience to them too!

My Favorite Resources That Are A Must-Have For Creatives

When you have an online business, there are things you need to know about regarding finances, and how to manage them. There is also a need to have legal documents and choosing the right business type that fits your business, such as registering as an LLC or as a sole proprietor with a DBA.


  1. Facebook Groups | Savvy Business Owners + Think Creative Collective
  2. Scheduling App | Trello
  3. Online Courses | Pinfinite Growth by Melyssa Griffin, FB Ads for Launching by Farideh Ceasar + Wham Bam Instagram by Caitlin Bacher (not available right now)
  4. Posting + Scheduling Instagram Posts | Grum (only scheduler that goes straight to Insta)
  5. Legal Experts | Christina Scalera + Autumn Witt Boyd
  6. Financial Guidance | Steadfast Bookkeeping Company
  7. Custom Link Tracker | (Use this free service to customize links for social media posts to get more clicks and to track interaction with your posts. I use this DAILY and LOVE IT!)
  8. Blogging Resource | Design Your Own Blog by Marianne Manthey
  9. Business Mentor For Creative Entrepreneurs | Heather Crabtree

Now you are armed and ready to tackle this, home-based, freelance, work-from-home, creative entrepreneur (or whatever name your biz goes by). I myself are working on some of these online courses and any free stuff I can get my hands on, especially the legal and financial side. That piece of my business took me awhile to find!

Make your own list, in the order of importance, of what you need to set up for your business. On one side, list what you can do yourself, and on the other side, write down what you may need to hire out. I only hire out what I absolutely can't do myself. Figure out if you have a reason to hire an independent contractor, or if you can buy their online classes instead. The latter will save you money, but not necessarily time. List what fits into your schedule. Hey, you can even fire up Trello for free and start creating your plan of attack! Some like to work things out on paper, and others like to use digital apps. Whatever works for you!

Click the link below for a related post that will give you even more ideas. Enjoy the process, when you look back you will be surprised at how far you have come. I know. It has happened to me and I can't wait to learn more, grow more and help more!





Jean Coelho