The Top Five Websites Designers Go To, To Find Fonts and Colors: The Series, Part 1

The Top Five Websites Designers Go To, To Find Fonts and Colors_ The Series, Part 1.png

Designers shouldn't be the only ones that have access to pretty fonts and color inspiration, right?!

If you are a solo business owner and are jumping feet first into blogging + online marketing for your business, these gems will be super helpful.

Over the last 8 months I have seen an increased need for design resources for business owners. In fact, I joined three Facebook Groups this month and there are always questions about DIY design.

These groups that I joined are places for women in business to help and support each other, and it is one of the best things that I have done for my creative business. I have to admit that this gig gets a little lonely. By that I mean, I miss not being able to brainstorm, bounce ideas off someone else and well, talk to another human...besides my kids.

Facebook groups and other social media platforms have connected me with amazing, creative women in business, like me.

This week, I chimed in on a question. That little question led to a dialogue with a lovely woman named Collete Wright. She is a home improvement blogger with amazing home staging abilities! Check out her blog, here and her instagram, here to see how she used color to beautifully stage her home.

I was curious as to what a DIY blogger like herself, would like to know about design. She quickly typed out topic after topic! It was just the thing I needed, that I didn't know I know what I mean? It was beautiful.

Because of her input, I chose to start with the two most important aspects of your brand, fonts and colors. If you are looking to create a brand DIY style, you will want to go where the designers go, so I'm spilling my secrets!

My Favorite Websites For Fonts

Beautiful Fonts Brand your Business

If you don't have a logo, choosing a font with the kind of personality that fits the look you are going for, is a great first step to branding your business.

My logo font is Dasha and I use it in my blog post pins and social media image posts.

Someone that is doing an amazing job of using her brand's font across all of online marketing land, is Erika Madden. Erika has made a successful online business by helping others create what she calls "Heroic" brands.

Her brand font has stuck in my head! I just love the feminine, but professional feeling it conveys and whenever I see it, guess what? I know it is Erika. Look at a snippet of her Pinterest Page below. See what I mean? Click the graphic BELOW to see her website to get the whole experience. She is definitely one to follow! Thanks for inspiring me Erika.

So, with that said, it is website spilling time!

Search these websites for a font for your brand. If you want a hand written look use a brush pen on good 'ol paper. This modern calligraphy is very popular right now and would be a good a nice choice for solo businesses that want a more laid back, artistic style. The price is right too!


1. My Fonts (the website)

If you are looking to see how your words look dressed for the party in a certain font, this is the site for you. They have a huge collection of individual fonts and font families. If you are looking for a font for your logo, type in your business name and find the style that fits the mood you are looking for. It is because of this feature that I list this font website as #1 for logo creation for non-designers. This is the easiest and least expensive way that DIY-ers, like yourselves, can get a professional look for your brand. Click on the link to start the experience! It's fun!  My Fonts.



2. Creative Market

THIS! This website is like Disneyland for indie designers (freelancers, illustrators, calligraphers, etc.)! Be careful, though, there is an awful lot of creative inspiration here, not just fonts. If you're brand needs an artistic touch, you will find hand painted, carefree and all around lovely fonts that are sure to fit the bill. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this site. See for yourself and let me know what you thought of it in the comments below. Creative Market


3. Veer

I found this website years ago, when I had no money for fonts. It had me at hello with beautiful images, classy fonts and inspiration. BUT, after landing here, wishing I could buy that I think back, there was a baby or two crying in the background... I found they offer 10 free credits to newbies. This was a "I wish I could click my heals and go home" moment...someone else's home.

OK. I'm back!

So, Veer offers 10 free credits and has awesome stuff! That's a win/win! Veer



4. Angie Makes

Enjoy a romantic stroll along font lane, with this fresh and pretty website!

Her brand evokes a feeling of spring days and laundry on the line, blowing in the breeze. Seriously! She even debuts free fonts, like the one pictured below. Click here to start finding fonts!



5. Font Squirrel

I do not usually recommend free fonts. Buuuuuuut...

That being said, font squirrel has a great selection and is the go to place for free fonts. Make sure to check the fine print about usage that is allowed for each font. Rules for each one will vary. Here is an example of a classic looking font that has three in the font family. I love the lines in this one. I may have to download it myself... Don't mind if I do! Head on over so you can store up some free fonts for the winter. It's always good to be prepared!  Font Squirrel


Finding a stand out font for your beautiful brand will take a little time.

But, I have a foolproof way of finding the right one that has always helped me make the right choice. It's called "The Love at First Sight Design Element Discovery".

The Love at First Sight, Design Element Discovery Process

When I started designing covers, I decided I wouldn't settle. I wanted to find the one image that was so perfect, it made me gasp, sigh, laugh or respond in a way that was instantaneous.

Basically, I looked for love at first sight.

If something doesn't make an emotional connection with you, it won't with your audience. Your brand is an extension of you, so when you pick a font, color or image that resonates with you, you will make an emotional connection with the client that is just right for you. It is something that magically goes past the business of making money.

This connection helps you deliver trust.

Fonts should be the first part of the process, because it anchors all of the other design elements. Why? Well, your logo font is the hero of your business and since it is all about delivering your info in a stylish way, don't settle!

Discovering your brand's style through your font choice, will naturally lead you into the next step...

COLOR | Part 2

Color + Font + Consistency = A Successful Brand

In the next part of my font and color series, I'm revealing my last five website picks, which are the best and easiest ones to use for finding colors. There is even one that allows you to pull and identify colors from a photo and use those effectively on your print and online marketing pieces.

Stay tuned next week for a new post focusing on color and where to find hues that will make your brand sing!









Jean Coelho