How to EASILY Design Social Posts in Canva

So You Can Attract More Customers

You are a hero!

You are! You help people solve their problems with a beautifully creative solution.

If the words social media, make you feel panic, I am going to walk you through how to get started and show you the tricks I used to overcome my own panic. To do that, I learned how to use a free online app called Canva. As with all new things, there is a learning curve, but if you follow these easy steps, you might just become addicted to making stuff for your business!

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What an Image Post is and Why You Need One

An image post is an mage that is used to keep you connected with your perfect client. These posts range from quotes that will resonate with your viewers to images that strike a chord.

These designs are easy to create, I promise! After you learn how to create them in Canva, they can be posted on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, for all to see. By putting your website and/or logo at the bottom, you get free exposure when your images are shared across social media-land.

The "Why" lies in how much social media is used. A LOT, is the short answer. The other reason is that many small businesses don't do it. If your competition doesn't have a business page, or has one, but hasn't posted anything since November of last year...your efforts won't be a waste of time! Even if your competition does have an active one, look and see what you can do, that they aren't.

Because businesses like us don't have huge budgets and people around us to bounce ideas off, we have a tendency to feel inadequate. Therefore, we don't do anything.

Canva 101: Make Your Own Social Post 

1. Go to Canva and sign up if you aren't already.

2. In the CREATE A DESIGN box, click on the first one named SOCIAL MEDIA. SEE SCREENSHOT BELOW.


As you can see, there are different templates to choose from. You can design anything and save time doing it. One of my favorite parts about Canva is that they pair fonts together, then all you have to do is type in your own words.

3. Choose a template design. Below, I chose the template that is showing on the right side of the image. Some templates have FREE in the corner of the image, while the ones that don't say FREE are $1 in their image bank. Go to the white bar that says SEARCH 1,000,000 IMAGES and type in keywords for the type of image that you need.


4. Buy an image from the image bank or make it your own by importing your own images as the base for your design. To import your own images, click the green button below and upload your own image or images. 


5. Once your image is uploaded, click and hold down on the image while dragging it to the center of the sample image. In my case, I drag the clipboard pic over the smiling man and women and it replaces that image with mine.

6. Click on the type and change it according to your needs. The upper left corner above the image allows you to change color, font size and font style. It's so easy! See what I did below. I took the romantic template above and transformed it into a business post for social media.


7. Choose a theme for certain days, and design a month's worth of themes. Say you start with Sunday, give Sunday's theme a title and use that template design for every Sunday post. Read this blog post where I give you a ton of ideas for daily themes as a jumping off point to use or to inspire your own awesome themes. I even give you a bank of hashtags that are popular with creative entrepreneurs, freelance graphic designers and other creative freelancers.

8. Alternate your posts with different topics. For instance, use an inspirational quote on Mondays and use the hashtag #mondaymotivation. By using hashtags that are popular on certain days, you can get your name in front of people that wouldn't normally see your posts. Then on Tuesday use an image that is on brand, leading your audience to your newest blog post, for #tiptuesday. You could feature your blog post's title, with the link to the article in the description below the image. Get the idea. Mix it up. Don't do all quotes, and remember to lead your perfect client to your tips and offers once or twice a week.

9. Include your logo and or website at the bottom of your post designs.

10. Choose from SHARE, DOWNLOAD, or MAKE PUBLIC in the upper right corner. If you are using an image from Canva's image bank, it will ask for payment when you click to download. Since you are using this image for the internet, choose the png option.

11. After you design and download your post, you need to schedule it in a program that will automatically send out your image and description on the day and time of your choosing. I use Buffer for posting to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+and for Instagram, I use Grum. These are both free, so along with Canva, you have a great group of free tools that will keep you top of mind with potential clients.

Canva is one of my favorite tools and could easily become yours after you get the hang of it.

Having templates at your fingertips will jump start your creativity and save you time, so you can use the time you saved designing,  and spend that time on scheduling and interacting on social media with your followers. Social media builds trust, shows your attention to detail and increases your exposure as a thought leader.

Share with us how you use Canva for business. What advice would you give those that are new to Canva?


Jean Coelho