The Power of the Opt-In Freebie | Part 1

A Simple How-To For Brainstorming, Delivering+ Creating Your Own Freebie to Grow Your Biz

The Power of the Opt-In Freebie _ Part 1.png
"This is FREE? For ME?! Wow, THANKS!"

When was the last time you said that to a colleague? Do you remember how it made you feel? I'm betting it made you feel good. Especially if it brought you any value at all. A simple act of kindness leaves a lasting impression, right? So, when someone gives you something that helps make things easier, or is just plain thoughtful, you make a connection.

It creates trust.

My business turned around when I stopped trying to figure out how to GET clients and zeroed in on giving value to my audience. That was June 2015. I didn't even really know what I was doing, but I starting designing templates and worksheets. I wasn't sure how I was going to use them, but then I found out about setting up resource libraries from Melyssa Griffin and I jumped for joy!

I wanted to give more than just one thing in exchange for my audience's email address.


Because, since women solo business owners have so much on their plates, I wanted to provide them with the pretty short cuts they needed. I also wanted to teach online classes about designing for I needed to grow an email list. I had a grand total of five people as of last June and most of them were friends.

Instead of focusing on the big L (looser!) I felt lingering on my forehead, I just kept pushing forward.

So, I created a free resource library...granted I only had 2 items in it when I started...and stocked it with digital downloads that come easy to me, but would make a solopreneur's life better. You don't need to create a resource library, start small and you can change things as things change.

I'm a busy mom too, so when I was waiting for my son to finish basketball practice earlier this year, I created a pretty day planning page with my laptop leaning against the steering wheel! As I created new systems, I created worksheets to help others do the same. I am so happy I did! Click here to sign up for unlimited access to my resource library, and see what it has in it. I also have a Brand Start-Up Kit that is wonderful for those re-working their biz to sell online services and products, or those just starting out. You get a Squarespace Set-Up Checklist, Get Started Timeline, Day Planner Page that can be printed as many times as you like, a Strategic List Page, Package Pricing Workbook (for those tired of charging hourly), Overwhelm Busters (top recommendations for the tools that successful creative entrepreneurs use everyday to make things run smoothly and profitably, AND last but not least, my favorite places to go for learning and online support by the top female entrepreneurs. All for FREE!

How To Get Started

This blog post is like a mini-course in itself, so here is what you will find below. If you want to grow your email list, set up an opt-in freebie in your favorite email platform (mine is ConvertKit), and brainstorm + design your very own piece of Opt-In Currency, keep reading because this is DEFINITELY for YOU!

To create an amazing printable that people will want to give you their email for, I broke it down into three blog posts. And, here's the thing...amazing doesn't mean complicated. Keep it simple, good looking and helpful.

  1. Brainstorm the type of download or printable that would be useful to your audience. Use my list.
  2. Create it in Canva, save as a PDF and embed download into your email sequence.
  3. Set up your email account. If you are just starting out, I would use Mailchimp. It is free, and since I am using it right now, I will show you how to set up your Sign Up Form, Thank You Form and Confirmation Form. You will also learn where to put your link for maximum growth potential.

Great Ideas For Your Own Opt-In Freebie

Think of your target audience.

Don't know who that is? Get my target market and marketing goals worksheet from the library NOW. This will get you started on the right foot and will help you choose what freebies would be helpful to your audience AND keep them coming back for more from you. If you click the image below, you will also get access to the newest member of my library, the Opt-In Freebie Brainstorm Worksheet pictured on my desk. Use this as you go through this process and it will be a breeze!

Need a little help in the idea department? Try the following, like:

  1. Calendar Pages

  2. Printable Day Planning Pages

  3. Worksheets

  4. A pretty, designed quote that can be printed out and hung by the desk. Go to Canva to create this or use any design program.

  5. Free stock photo(s) | For those with a photography side.

  6. Template Design

  7. Must-have Free Tools List for _______________ (insert your target audience)

  8. Recipe Card

  9. Resource Page | Include 10-20 resources with website links

  10. Versions of your questionnaires and worksheets that you use, that can be customized. (If they help your target audience)

  11. Worksheet with 10 to 20 blog post topics and title examples that your niche can use.

  12. Short video tutorial in Jing. Jing, great for tutorials, is a free program that captures images from your desktop to create a 4 minute video.

  13. Brainstorm Pages | Worksheets your target audience could use to make lists.

  14. Newsletter Ideas | Topics + Headlines

  15. Templates that can be customized.

  16. Free mini-course via email | Send 2-5 short step by step emails, one step per day.

  17. Gratitude Printable | Make a worksheet to house their gratitude list.

  18. Cheat Sheets

  19. Checklists

Do you need more ideas? Go to Pinterest and type Opt-In Freebie(s) into the search bar. There are way more ideas than those listed above, you just need to find the ones that are right for you. Make a board and pin ones that you are interested in, and come back later if you don't have time right then.

After you do the exercise above, and you know what you want to give your ideal client, you are ready for Part 2. This is where you will create your Opt-In Freebie. In the next blog post, I will show you exactly how to make one in Canva. Canva is free and easy to use to set up templates and designs that will make life easier for you, all without having to hire a designer! Winner, winner chicken dinner!

So, go ahead and decide on your freebie. If you already know who your competition is, even better! If not, find out who is doing it right in your niche. See what their freebies are and how they do it. The best way to research this is to sign up and get what they are offering.


Believe me when I say that I know how hard this may seem to pull off. I have been there and it is overwhelming when your toes are on the starting line and the gun is about to go off. If you want to walk away from the line, please don't! If you keep going, you will gain confidence, provide value and improve your business. If that is what you want, you are at the right place, doing the right thing.

There are exact steps that you can take to avoid overwhelm. To make it easier on you, I am breaking this blog post up into chew-able, bite sized pieces. So today, make your list, narrow it down and decide what you are going to make and give. That's it.

Now it is reward time! Grab a latte and celebrate small successes!

Stay tuned for the next blog post, Part 2, How to Use Canva To Design Your Own Opt-In Freebie. See you then! If you liked this and know someone that would benefit from this post, click the share button and share the love! Thanks a bunch!




Jean Coelho