9 Quick Steps to Creating a Squarespace Website TODAY | The Ultimate Checklist


Creating a website can be overwhelming. You aren't a whiz at code and need something simply effective, up and running like yesterday. Well, yesterday is gone, but with these super simple, in-the-right-order-steps, you won't be beating yourself up about not doing it when you wake up tomorrow morning!

After designing and building websites in Wordpress for years, I jumped on the Squarespace train and haven't looked back. NOT ONCE!

This is for you if you want a straightforward, professional, out of the box solution for getting your business online. Graphic designers, photographers, interior designers, copywriters and other creative, home-based businesses will look the part with Squarespace. You don't even need to have web design skills on your resume. It truly is that easy.

Ready? Let's jump in. You can literally do this in one day or spread it out over a week. Totally up to you. But, if you are ready to get this done, follow these steps and YOU WILL!

Your Easy How-To
For a Stunning Squarespace Website

  1. Go to whois.com and check for availability for your URL.
  2. Purchase URL. They run a little under $10. We will be using Squarespace, so if you purchase a year subscription, you will receive your domain name for free. Without an online shop it will run you $216 with SS.
  3. Go to squarespace and click the Start Your Free Trial Button
  4. Choose a template. The templates that I have used and love, are the Hayden, Avenue, Bedford and Five. The Avenue is a grid based layout that is perfect for illustrators, photographers and graphic designers. It also happens to be the template I use for my website and I love it! Bedford has a beautiful, clean design, perfect for growing an email list, because the click through link is embedded into the cover image. Hayden is for you, if you are looking for a sleek, modern design. It is easy to use and perfect for small to mid-sized businesses. Last but not least, there is Five. I am using this template right now, to create a website for a Success Coach. It is easy to use and has a large cover photo display that makes professional photography the star of the show. I think I have found a new fave!
  5. Use Style Editor to edit the template to make it your own. This is where you can change the navigation, header, backgrounds, colors, font sizes, you name it, it is housed here.
  6. Did you know that if you have a website, that legally, you need a Privacy Policy on each page of your website? YEP! I found a template that you can customize and it covers all of the bases! Add a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions at the bottom of your website. Get the template here. Customize the template and copy and paste it into your Privacy Policy Page in the footer of your website.
  7. Create an Opt-In Freebie and place the link to your opt-in in the cover photo. For example if your cover photo has a Learn More button, you can change it to things like Start Here and then provide a free mini-course or other freebie that is the perfect start for your target audience. Read more about Opt-In Freebies here.
  8. Link your Social Accounts.
  9. Use a professional photo of you for your website's sidebar and your about page. Use different pics for variety. Take photos at one time, with 3 different outfits, lipstick and hair styles. Take some looking left, right, in front of a white wall with space on either side for landing pages and cover photos. Point up, down and to the side for use with calls to action.
    These photos can be used on landing pages, on your website as headers or for use in social media cover photos. Your audience is more likely to act, if you are looking at the call to action or pointing at it, like I did below. This cover photo design is on my website for those interested in collaborating through guest blogging. In fact, if you would like to be a guest blogger, please click the link below to see all of the juicy details!

You are tired of not looking professional, thinking that you don't stack up to the competition, or wishing for a better business, right? These nine steps will help you take action. Period! If you are really serious about create a website that is more than a placeholder, learn how to write copy that converts wallflowers into buyers. Kissmetrics has an amazing list of 75 Copywriting Resources for you to choose from.

Now that we have covered your website set-up, legalities for creatives, photography and copywriting, I think you are ready, don't you?

Go get 'em! You can do this, and without even hiring a web designer!

Jean Coelho