How to Create an Ideal Client Avatar in Canva

How to Create an Ideal Client Avatar in Canva.png

You know who your ideal client is, from her favorite color to how she takes her coffee. You know how old her kids are and what she does in what little free time she has. You might even know her favorite climate for vacationing. You may not.

To help you get clear on the client that is most in need of your genius skills, find out how to use Canva to do just that. Creating a visual to go with what you already know, or don’t know, helps to keep that ideal client top-of-mind, especially if you market to more than one ideal client or are a visual learner. (I'm guilty of that! If I don't see it, I won't remember it!)

Let’s walk through how to create that ideal client avatar in Canva, step by step.

First, grab my template over on Canva! You’ll use this template and simply replace text and images with your own.

Be sure to to go the top right corner of the screen and click MAKE A COPY.


Name the file and save it to your own Canva account. Don’t have one? No problem! Create one first and you’re ready to go! (The basic Canva account is free!)

Next, you’ll want to curate images from the Canva library or use your own. For example, I searched for a laughing woman first, because that was what I wanted my center photo to be. This woman is the foundation of my business and she deserves to be front and center.

Jean-Coelho-Shows-You- How-To- Create-Your-Own-client-avatar.png

Who is your perfect-for-you client? A thinking woman? A woman writing? Someone doing yoga? Find the image that fits your ideal client best and give her this prominent spot.

Some images in the Canva library are free while others are only $1. You can also purchase image credits in bulk, saving you some money.

Search for images by typing in keywords. Once you find the image you’re looking for, click and drag it until it replaces my image.

If you’re uploading your own images, simply drag the image from your desktop or files into the images section on the left side of the screen. Then you’ll be able to use those images in the same way you use Canva images.

Do this for every image on the template. What resonates with your ideal client? What images pair with who you are and what your business is? Choose wisely as this document will become your go-to when writing for your audience.

Then you’ll want to change the copy to fit your needs. Name this ideal client and give her some characteristics, depending on what you’ve identified in the past. List what’s important to her and who she is. Include words that describe her to a “t.”

Then print this baby out and put it where you’ll look for inspiration when you create your next course or write your next blog post.

Imagine that there is ONE person out there, waiting for help. You have the skills, now, by knowing more about that person, you can get them exactly what they need, in a way that only YOU can give!

Let me know in the comments, what your biggest challenge has been in finding your perfect-for-you client. 

Jean Coelho