How To Impress And Attract Your Ideal Client With Social Media Graphics



These were the exact three words that described how I felt when I wanted to compete with other freelance graphic designers online. I saw how together they all looked and I had no clue where to start. I was also completely unsure of how to use the internet to find and book clients...let alone, use social media.

I thought it was reserved for companies that hired people to do it. Not for a stay-at-home mom.

To get comfortable, I tapped into what others were doing, took free workshops and started using hashtags and just learned.

All in between the kids naps, meal making, laundry folding and the kids homework. Sound familiar? I know I am not alone and neither are you, even though it feels like it. The question marks feel heavier than a sleeping kid on your shoulder at the grocery store! Seriously!

This post will show you exactly how to do this in 4 easy steps. Why do graphics work so well? If you gather different types of information, you will keep your audience interested. Variety is the spice of life, right?

A variety of graphics build trust. But, to do this, you have to be consistent in delivering branded posts.

Here is how to get started:

Step 1 | Plan

Curating content for use on social media is actually fun. The planning sheets with this blog post will help you do just that! Click here to get yours now before you go any further. If you start right now, you can outsmart procrastination and start attracting those clients that are a perfect fit and happily willing to pay your prices!

Step 2 | Design Beautifully Branded Templates

My Go to: Canva, a free resource that has templates in the exact sizes you need for each social media platform.

Canva offers images for quite a small amount. $1! and some are even free.

But, to go beyond Canva, my trick is to invest in styled stock photography. You don't need a lot, just a bundle or subscription that will give you variety to choose from.

Step 3 | Create different topics + themes - plug them into graphics

  1. Choose a template for one platform or just social media templates like I stated above. 

  2. Upload photos or purchase credits from Canva and upload those.

  3. Curate quotes, tips, and blog post titles and customize the templates.

  4. What does this mean? Well, it means to carve out time to collect quotes, tips and to grab your favorite blog post titles. You can use Trello to house this valuable info until you need it. 
  5. Create a graphic that says: "Booking Open for (name a month)" To make it enticing, use words that will inspire the viewer to take action, in a way that sounds like you and injects your personality into it.
  6. Create a testimonial graphic and change them out with different kind words from happy clients.

Step 3 | Create a Social Media Schedule using your branded Graphics

To make sure your social media marketing is consistent, scheduling is a must. What it really does, is that it helps you to be strategic and not leave much up to chance. This next step is covered in the March blog post, where I list all of the scheduling apps that are the top ones used by other successful freelance graphic designers.

My favorite is SmarterQueue! I have tried Buffer and Hootsuite, and they just don't offer the recycling of evergreen content like SmarterQueue does. 

What is Evergreen and how does it work?

"Evergreen content is anything which isn't time-specific, meaning you can post it again days or weeks later and still reap the benefits. Simple and mighty, SmarterQueue's Evergreen recycling lets you share, re-share and share again. As only 4% of your followers ever see your posts within the first 30 minutes, Evergreen gets more mileage out of each update. After your post is published, it then goes to the bottom of the queue. Once all your new or one-time scheduled posts have been published, your Evergreen posts are then posted again, and again, and again. This can continue forever, so your queue never runs out." ~SmarterQueue

Make it Happen

By doing the above you will reach your target audience and will easily fly above your small town to anywhere in the world!

Freelance graphic designers and home based businesses aren't trained in marketing their businesses online, but not being social online isn't doing your business any good right? 

Change that!

  • Strategize: Plan what your themes are, how many slots you want to book in a month, and gather up testimonials.
  • Create your PLACEHOLDERS to reduce the worry of where and when your next client is coming from.
  • Schedule like a pro so you can get back to designing! 

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Jean Coelho