How To Choose The Social Media Platform Your Clients Love

How To Choose The Social Media Platform Your Clients Love

You know those people at basketball games that use air guns to shoot t-shirts randomly into the stands?

It is totally random, but someone is guaranteed to win a t-shirt. The problem is, size can't matter, because the recipient doesn't matter. You get what you get.

Social media, if done right, should be the perfect fit for the recipient. But, how?

It's easy. Let me show you how! In this post, I will show you how to monitor your analytics to see what platforms bring you the most traffic and the top eight things you need to know.

Say Cheese!

Step 1: Your client has a face. 

Step 2: Your client has a name.

Step 3: Your client has their favorite hangouts online.

To create your Client Avatar, which is basically all of the above, rolled into one client, follow the easy steps by clicking the link above. A recent blog post of mine, walks you through this process, as well as providing you with your very own template in Canva! After that is done, it is time to put your detective hat and keep your eyes open.

What You Need To Care About And Know:

(I know you are a home-based biz, but this info will put you ahead! It worked for me!)

When I first decided to turn my freelance biz into an online biz, I had to start caring about analytics. Now, let me tell you, I am not one to like numbers or care about marketing stuff that threatens to make my eyes glaze over. The following list is courtesy of Razor Social. But, the home-based biz girl in me had to tone down the marketing lingo, so that all of us could "get it".

  1. Audience Size 
    If you are just starting, this is an easy one to answer.
  2. Who Your Audience Is
    Refer to your client avatar for this one.
  3. Reach + Engagement
    This consists of: Lurkers, Influencers and Engagers. Most of your audience can be lurkers at the beginning, then a small few will move to engagers, commenting on your posts.
  4. Traffic
    I use a mix of Google Analytics, (use this for online links for a customizable link title), and Planoly (instagram analytics). Coschedule + Sprout Social are a little more advanced, but great tools to use to track your online marketing pieces. It really becomes fun, once you get the hang of it. 
  5. What Content is Working + What Isn't
    Since I have gotten more aware, I noticed that I get more engagement and likes from behind the scenes photos and personal stories, than for articles. I have pre-made templates for Twitter/Facebook and Instagram. I create content in advance and schedule it in a tool called SmarterQueue . This posts my graphics without me having to post EVERYDAY! This tool could go in my traffic list of fave tools above, because they have great analytics, but it works here too! 
  6. Your Community (tribe of like-minded people)
    If you don't know who your community is yet, no problem! I didn't either, so I joined different groups on Facebook and sat back watching and commenting from time to time. Some groups I didn't like right off the bat, some I had to stick around to see if it was a fit and others just stuck. I would recommend staying with 5 groups, no more, no less. This allows you to really know if you are a good fit and are connecting with like-minded business owners.

    Secondly, if you are a graphic designer, photographer, and/or blogger, I would suggest starting with Instagram. Learn how to post, what to post, when to post and what hashtags to use. As you spend time here, you will find your tribe because your target audience is going to be visual. Heck, you are in the business of being visual, so focus on learning one of the most visual platforms around! Pinterest is a close second...but just put your energy into one at a time. It WILL pay off.
  7. How Your Competitor is Marketing Online
    My free training will help you find out how to do just that! There is even a section that shows you how to find your potential client's pain points...on your competitor's website!
  8. Analyze Your Audience's Opinion of You + Address the Positive + Negative
    Years ago, before I changed my business model, we were house poor and not making much from my freelance biz. Because of our lack of extra income, I couldn't even afford to pay anything for website hosting. So, I deleted my website and unplugged. Weeks later, I tried to pull up my website to see if it was still being indexed and what I found left me speechless!

    A "student of design" gave a review of my website, that was no longer there, and ripped it to shreds! He even stated that he couldn't believe I even went to design school. It was negative comment after negative comment. But, something even more surprising happened. I agreed! Don't get me wrong, it was only after I picked my heart and jaw off the floor!

THAT was my turning point!

All of the above steps will help you know what platform your potential clients love to use most. Become a detective, and act as if your business depends on it...because it actually does!

Have you had your turning point yet? Are you ready to track where your audience comes from? I'd be happy to help. Pop any questions in the comments below! 



Jean Coelho