How to Create a Simple, But Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy


Learn How to Use Facebook, Your Blog and Pinterest to Transform + Grow your creative business

Did you know that there are things you can do to grow service based businesses, like graphic design and branding, content creation, interior designer, creative business blogger…the list is endless really…without spending a ton of money.

After five years of tweaking this and buying that, I found a surprisingly inexpensive and organic way to drive traffic SUCCESSFULLY THROUGH my online platforms.

And no, I will not be using the words SALES FUNNELS or ROI, although we all want a return on our hard work and our investments of any kind, including our precious time!

You see, I am a graphic designer, not a marketer, although I have learned how to market and that is why you are here, right?!

You may not have many marketing bones in your body either.

You are creative business owner that is overwhelmed with how many hoops you are told you have to jump through, what you need to learn and unfortunately in some circles, that if you don’t spend more money, you are not truly invested as a business owner.

What I am going to show you today, is how to be a savvy online biz owner by using 7 budget friendly ways to grow your business, because you are attracting the right-for-you clients.

Where to start

1. Find your people

The best places that I have found to do this is:

  • Facebook Groups - What keywords are associated with ideal client? Find groups based on these words, such as: work from home moms, freelancers, creative business owners, photographers, wedding/event planners, etc…

  • Peoplemap - An amazing app for Instagram that isn’t as well known, but it is powerful in finding and connecting you with collaborators, influencers, micro-influencers, similar or complimentary service providers and potential clients, to name more than a few. Using Peoplemap, you can do the research and find your people without just randomly posting here and there. Consistency and being intentional will pay off for you if you and your audience is showing up everyday on Insta!

  • Pinterest - The life of a pin is looooooonnnng! Because of that, you should be pushing as much content as you can to Pinterest! To give you more wind behind your sails, I recommend Tailwind. This app helps you schedule pins in advance. For Pinterest to work effectively at driving your target audience to your website and other social media platforms, you need to increase the frequency of pins and keep a consistent flow of pins circulating through this search engine. Yes. This is a search engine, so turn on what is called “RICH PINS” on your website. If you use Squarespace for your website platform, click here to learn how to create rich pins. This will include the content that is associated with each pin. These things together help your content go viral and that is exactly what you want!

    Are you on Wordpress? Install the Yoast SEO Plug-in, which can help drive more traffic to your blog. Once that is installed, if it isn’t already, go to Yoast’s “Features” tab. Enable the Advanced Setting Pages, which turns on the metadata. Next, go to Pinterest’s “RICH PIN VALIDATOR” and plug in a link to a blog post, any one, just don’t link to the homepage. Finally, click “VALIDATE”. After you validate the pin you will see that your pin has been validated. Click “APPLY NOW”. Once a pop up appears, that shows the website’s domain and HTML tags, click “APPLY NOW” one last time.

2. Start making a habit of creating useful content

Set aside a time and day for content development and put this on your calendar - Create a new Calendar in Google for planning and content creation for your business on certain days of the week.

  • Research what problems your target audience has that you can help relieve.

  • Use Trello to brainstorm blog post ideas that give solutions (much like this post) * This is an affiliate link for Trello Gold. I recommend Trello Gold if you like to customize your background and use power ups. It is best if you are the only one to see your planning boards, or have 1 team member. Trello is now charging per team member, so if your team is large, Monday may be a better option.

  • Create talking points or an outline for each one - This could be housed in Trello too so that everything is in one place.

3. Create a topic for the amount of times a week or month, you want to post on your blog

Decide the frequency of your content. If you want to post 2 times a month, craft 2 blog posts per month. If you want to post 4 times month, craft posts to go live once a week. Keeping it simple will help you stick to it.

4. Go LIVE on Facebook

I know that this is a scary one, but with a little practice, it is one that will reward you. So, to get comfortable doing this, write down a topic, a few bullet points with tips on how to solve a specific problem and then tell your viewers what you want them to do after they have finished with the video. Include a link to an opt-in freebie, an invitation to follow you on your favorite social media platform or invite them to join your email list so that they can be the first to know when your next Facebook Live will be LIVE.

If just talking to the camera is too much for you, there are apps that record your desktop so that you can give super easy to follow tutorials.

The best online tools

My favorites are:

  • Ecamm Live which allows you to record on an actual facebook live. You can share your screen and give simple but valuable tutorials that will become powerful digital marketing tools.

    Some ideas for Ecamm Live Topics:

    1. Behind the scenes of a process that you use to create your products, your social media graphics, your email marketing, your logo designs, etc…

    2. Walk through a free worksheet and put the link in the description below the Facebook Live video so you can grow your email list. Warning: You may not feel like you need an email list. When I first heard that I should do this, I was like: “I am a designer, not a marketer. What do I need with a list?” But, I eventually did it anyway. I am so glad that I did! Doing something before you actually NEED it, is a smart business strategy that can be easily overlooked. I now have 400 on my list, which means that I have about 150 - 200 followers that may or may not open my emails.

    3. Record a session of how you plan a project or other type of timeline on your google calendar.

    4. Walk through a recorded session of how you create workflows in your client management program.

    5. Is organization and planning your thing? Show your viewers how you use tools like Trello, Asana, Acuity, Calendly, Smarter Queue, Planoly, and Canva to name a few.

  • Screenflow which is perfect for recording for things for something like you tube or tutorials right in your blog. You can even record short tutorials for social platforms like Instagram, which can run 15 second clips in Insta Stories and 60 second clips for the main feed. Use these pre-recorded videos on your blog. Below the video, post the steps covered in it.

5. Use the same outlines and talking points for Facebook LIVES and transcribe these to your blog posts

If you use your talking points for your Facebook LIVE first, you can easily turn these into blog posts. For some reason, talking through your content first, will help you create your blog posts faster. I am doing it this way and it has made the process easier. So, hop onto Facebook with notes that outline what you want to cover. Then, use these same notes to create a blog post. Repurposing content is a trick that the pros use to save time and create consistent communications.

6. Create templates that are branded for each blog post and pin them into Pinterest after individual posts go live

Go into Canva or Creative Market (See my Havana Vibes styled stock photos!) and find templates that fit your brand. Choose one that you could see using a for a long time. Every time you plan on publishing a new topic, create a pin to include in the blog post. The more clean and modern the pin, the more likely it will get clicked on and shared.

After you hit save and publish, pin your branded pin into Pinterest and schedule it in an app that comes in as our seventh digital marketing hack…*TAILWIND! (This is an affiliate link, but I only recommend the best and this is Pinterest’s #1 scheduling tool!)

7. Get and use Tailwind

To achieve the consistent exposure you need on Pinterest…and now Instagram too, you need a scheduling program that you can trust. Tailwind will help you deliver the topics that your audience will love, without skipping a beat!

Benefits of Pinterest

  • Pinterest has over 250 million monthly users!

  • The life of a pin is 7 months, compared to Facebook’s shelf life of 7 minutes.

  • The average pin is re-pinned 11 times and if you use Tailwind’s Tribes feature, this increases the chances of re-pins.

  • Pinterest drives 33 percent more traffic to your website than Facebook.

  • The most pins are pinned in the afternoon and evening, 11:00 pm being the most popular time for Pinterest use.

  • If your target audience is women, even better! On the average, 39 percent of women users prefer Pinterest over Google as their search engine of choice.

  • 45 percent of all women online, use Pinterest.

Benefits of Tailwind

  • It helps you schedule your digital marketing into Pinterest in advance, for less stress, consistency, and more reach.

  • It is an official Pinterest Marketing Partner

  • You can do your pinning for Pinterest, all at one time, so that you can be assured that you can move onto other things for your business. Because Pinterest is a search engine, you know that it will do the heavy lifting after you do your part!

  • It has a feature called Tailwind Tribes. This connects you to your target audience in other specific niches or groups, where you pin content that can easily be re-pinned. It gets in front of the right eyes, on top of you pinning to your boards.

  • There is a beta feature, called SmartLoop, that makes it easy to reshape your best pins, at the best times for engagement and reach.

5 of my favorite experts that have free
and paid help to get you started:

  1. Peg Fitzpatrick for Social Media Marketing

  2. Jenna Kutcher for everything online business

  3. Tript and Prabh of Buzzing Creatives

  4. Kate of Kate Wilkinson Creative

  5. Meagan Williamson for Pinterest Marketing

Putting these three platforms together, forms an effective pipeline that directs your perfect-for-you audience to your valuable content. New to creating content like this? Lucky for you, this is a great place to start! What have you found was the best online business platform to grow your business? Just starting? Pop any comments below! I am happy to help!

If you need help putting a digital marketing plan in place, my Social Strategy Planner will help! It is simple and easy to follow so that you can avoid overwhelm, procrastination, or any other excuse, so that you can reach your perfect audience.

Jean Coelho