Boost Your Creativity With These Amazing Essential Oils

Do you hit a wall at certain times of the day?

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Because of this, I was forced to go gluten free. Before the diagnosis, I struggled most of my adult life with the "afternoon crash". You know, at about 2 or 3pm, I felt like I needed a nap and would not feel creative until after dinner, when I was the most productive. I am happy to say that I don't struggle with this anymore, but from my years of living with auto immune diseases, I have learned a lot about natural remedies, and my favorite is using essential oils for all kinds of problems.

Unfortunately, auto immune diseases are common among work-from-home women. Finding ways to make creativity show up when you aren't feeling 100% is half the battle, right?!

Today, I will give you a simple list of highly effective essential oils that can help you boost your creativity and overall health.



First of all, I am not a rep for any oil companies, so this is not an endorsement for any multi-level marketing company. That being said, you should choose oils that are therapeutic grade and should not be taken internally unless they are labeled food grade. 

We have tried NOW, Aura Casia and Eden's Garden. All of these are ranked high in this review, and I thought it was a very good resource for beginning essential oil users. If you are purchasing a different brand than what I have listed, look for oils that are labeled "pure essential oil" or "100% essential oil". Otherwise there is a good chance that your oil is synthetic. You definitely don't want that!



1. TANGERINE: Appropriately titled, THE OIL OF JOY & CREATIVITY
This bright, citrusy scent of tangerine lifts the darkest of moods and will bring a cheerful atmosphere to your creative work. This can be diffused, mixed with a carrier oil like apricot oil or fractionated coconut oil and applied to wrists, neck or abdomen. I LOVE this scent. It cheers me up every time! 

Essential oil experts have all said that if you are going to have only one oil, this is the one to have. It is a heavy lifter, for sure! It not only evokes a feeling of peace, but it is powerful at boosting the immune system, reduces stress reactions and aids in lifting depressive feelings. Other benefits of use include improved memory, improved hormone balance, improved fertility, decreased inflammation, and pain. It only makes sense! If you help eliminate or decrease the effects of these ailments, as much as possible, your creativity will get a welcomed boost!
- Apply this essential oil to the bottoms of the feet to promote feelings of relaxation and to balance your mood, as well as diffuse it.

Are you feeling nervous about a new project? Even though I have been designing for over 23 years, I still wonder if I can "perform" when I am hired for a new project. To help combat these feelings of doubt, I use lavender oil. Aura Casia actually has one that I love called the Mello Mix. With the addition of Sandalwood, Chamomile, Lemon and Neroli, it is the BEST! My daughter, who also suffers from Celiac Disease and a host of other things, loves putting this in her diffuser at night because she feels that she gets the best night's sleep when it is diffusing. 
- Keep a small bottle of lavender oil and water to mist your face and bring an instant sense of well-being and clarity. 

For those times that come once a month for us women, this oil is the one to have on hand to balance hormones and decrease menstrual pain. It also is a gem if you suffer from insomnia (which is a creativity KILLER), high cholesterol, and poor circulation.
- Diffuse this essential oil while you work to soothe and calm the nervous system. Apply one to two drops of clary sage oil to the bottoms of your feet, or to your wrists.

This oil will also help with depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome. It's a hero at fighting fungus and China uses Jasmine for detoxing. I was surprised at how much this oil is good for! The scent is a little strong for me, but if I add a few drops of orange oil, I like it better.
- Diffuse this oil to evoke feelings of joy, peace, and self-confidence.

Improved concentration? Yes, please! Nothing will wake you up faster than a drop or two of peppermint oil applied to the back of your neck. In fact, a few years ago my kids and I were battling allergies in the spring. We were all a sneezy mess! A woman I knew saw us and offered us a blend of peppermint, lavender and lemon. She had a food grade brand of oils, so we took a few drops in water and quickly felt better! I don't know if it works that way for everyone, but it did for us. I call that success!
- Rub on temples before you work for an energy boost or rub on your temples after a long day of computer work.

Amazon has great prices on oils and diffusers, or they can be bought from your local health store and diffused while you work. Don't settle for feeling unmotivated, sick, less than creative, or generally uninspired! Using essential oils is a simple solution that most people overlook. Do you use essential oils? If so, which ones are your favorite and what do you use them for? I'd love to hear your story! Pop it into the comments below!

Joy Berdulaga