8 Empowering Style Tips for the Work at Home Mom



From one mama to another, it is very easy to fall into a phase of feeling uninspired, unmotivated and just plain ol’ blah after becoming a mom for the first time (or even for the 10th time). You absolutely adore your little one's, but come on, things are different. Your clothes fit differently, you may be busy with a newborn and you’re still trying to cope with your business and other pressures of life. You almost feel guilty for even thinking about taking some time for yourself.

I get it! But don’t forget how important self care is for you, your family and your business.

Pushing your needs to the wayside is not a good idea when confidence, self appreciation and a strong mindset are key in your overall success.


I’m here to give you 5 ways that self care can help you, such as; refreshing your wardrobe, image and tapping into your authentic personal style. It can leave you feeling rejuvenated. Self care can even help you attract your dream clients!

    1.    Authentic Personal style is an extension of you! It is self expression in one of the highest forms; an unwritten declaration of who you are. Knowing that you are free to be unapologetically you, boosts your self esteem and internal confidence 10 fold.
    2.    Your professional life can benefit from it! First impressions are everything. Rising to new heights in your journey, opens the door to new opportunities, with new opportunities you must make great first impressions (image+value) and to make great first impressions you must be confident. Catch my drift here? Clients want to see you, the REAL you. A sense of personal style and authentic presence is another way people can connect with you from the moment they land on your website, meet you in person or sit down with you for a meeting. Learn to speak without saying a word because true confidence breathes competence.
    3.    An amazing and functional wardrobe that you love, makes life easier and allows you to be effortlessly stylish at a moment’s notice, even when you are pressed for time with kiddos spitting up or running around. No more “what do I wear or what do I buy syndrome”, when a business or life event suddenly pops up. You will also spend less money on clothing and less time getting ready when you have a complete understanding of your overall style story, unique body shape and a go to look.
    4.    The more you practice self care, the more you have increased motivation, productivity and energy to get everything else done because your wellness tank is full and you feel uplifted.
    5.    Last, but certainly not least, When you look and feel like a rockstar you do rockstar things!

It is a proven fact that women are able to reach their highest potential when all other aspects of their lifestyle are completely taken care of! Feeling confident in your appearance transcends into you feeling confident in life, business and mommyhood!

Are you wondering what you can do right now to be more intentional with your image, personal style and wardrobe to boost your confidence and ultimately your success?


    1.    Self love & appreciation for your true self! This will prevent doubt from creeping up when getting dressed. I dare you to love that new body you've got, highlight your best features, express gratitude for WHERE you are now and WHO you are now! If you like something, find a way to wear it. Mindset and confidence is key.
    2.    Think about the type/style of clothing you like or currently feel most comfy in using, silhouettes/colors. Refrain from looking at sweat pants, workout gear etc. Try to be creative in discovering your style personality and think outside the box about what you truly want to look like in relation to your personality and brand. Use a platform like pinterest for visuals.
    3.    Do a closet cleanse. This will allow you to analyze what items are working in your favor according to body type/shape, silhouettes, brand etc, making space for new items that serve the woman you are right now.

Think about the activities that you do the most and what need to plan for (client meetings, date night, parent teacher night etc.). This will allow you to be prepared with stylish, but functional outfits that fit the bill. You can even take photos of them for future reference. Even if your one activity for the day is a livestream and you’re only being seen from the neck up, spice up your image a bit with a pop of lip color, a bold statement necklace/earrings or a printed top.

With these tips you can use your personal style as a weapon to uplevel your confidence and be the woman you want to be. I dare you to put them into action! An easy way to do this, would be to join my 5 day challenge. Click on the graphic above and get access now.

What simple step will you take today in order to begin improving your image?

Jean Coelho