Attract Dream Design Clients with this Simple But Powerful Approach


Your website is your online business card, designed to help sell your services from afar. It’s your secret weapon, your non-negotiable if you want to have a successful freelance graphic design business.

But to do the heavy lifting, your website must have these three things: transparency, pricing packages, and beautiful visuals.

Let’s break these down together.


Your dream clients want to know more about you and what you offer before they pull out the credit card and buy from you. They need to be crystal clear of how to work with you and how many other people you’re working with at the same time. (Yes, it matters!)

Use a welcoming paragraph to tell readers more about what you offer, then go on to explain exactly how you work. This puts all the information in one place and answers most of your prospects’ questions up-front.

Pricing Packages

I recommend having three different prices, or tiers, for your packages. This allows you to work with a wider range of clients while still staying true to your niche.

I recommend listing out all the services you can provide and how long each project or task takes you. For example, if you only take one client at a time, determine how long each project would take if you can focus solely on that one client. Keep in mind that the larger the project, the more time it will take to complete.

Also, recognize that you may not be able to sustain a business working with just one client at a time. You’ll spend some of your time waiting for the client to follow up, giving you some white space to possibly take on more projects.

Once you know what services you’ll offer and how you’ll offer them, it’s time to build out those pricing packages. Your lowest-priced offer is your no-frills package. It gives your clients an immediate fix to their problem and could be something like logo design, email signature and/or business card design. This allows your clients to quickly look and feel more professional. Then, build more extensive packages from there.

When you have your packages laid out, stick to them. This helps hold you to the boundaries you need in your business so you’re attracting the right clients and not overextending yourself. You can even block out time on your calendar or scheduler to help ensure you stick to these boundaries.

Beautiful Visuals

As a designer, it goes without saying that beautiful images that are branded to your style and appropriately paired with your offerings are non-negotiable. Find or create icons that help to walk potential clients through your processes step by step. Not only will this help catch your readers’ eye, it will also demonstrate that you have attention to detail.

To save time, you can create a template in Canva that offers package pricing. Brand these visuals and place on the pricing page so your visitors can easily get an idea of what you offer, and at what investment.

Taking the time and effort to be transparent, map out your packages and use beautiful images on your website will get you ready to book-out clients in advance. Setting boundaries and rules of engagement for you and your business will repel those dumpster-diver type clients who you don’t want to work with. (Of course, this doesn’t eliminate problem clients altogether, but it does help minimize the effects.)

Being prepared helps you to be profitable, because those inquiring will trust you more if you lead them through a solid process, from start to finish. This will allow you to charge more and attract people that will pay it!



Jean Coelho