Social Media Magic | The Amazingly Simple Way You Can Improve Your Home-Based Biz

The Amazingly Simple Way You Can Improve Your Home-Based Biz

Who comes to mind when you think of social media? Whose feeds do you follow that you love? Look at what they post to see how they do it.

Don't know what to do on YOUR social media posts? I am here to change that! Why? Because, I went from being a home-based solopreneur mom, that waited for graphic design clients to come to me, to a woman that became strategic. Instead of waiting for IT to come to you, you can deliver valuable ideas, services and products to an audience WAITING for what YOU have to offer.

Your online presence is your home away from home, your virtual store front. Because of this, I want you to think of how you would decorate it.

Social media posts are kind of like throw pillows, they accent your couch and make people want to sit and stay a while. You want your visitors, to smile, belly laugh, think, and ultimately DO SOMETHING that will help make them better in some way.

Last March, of 2016, I only posted to my Facebook page fairly regularly. I had a LinkedIn account that received some posts. Then, there was Instagram. I did NOTHING on Instagram. ZERO. I heard that it would be good for my business, but I thought I didn't have the time. Not knowing how something works is a big deterrent to learning, right?! Ha! It turns out that I did take the time to learn it with the help of the amazing Caitlin Bacher and since then, I have grown a following to 600+.

Now, listen, I am not looking for a following, just to have a following. I want to share my love for design, marketing, overcoming obstacles and sickness, my sense of humor, shortcuts, cheatsheets, how-to's... Basically, if you embrace technology like a 20 year old does, you will be on your way to growing a business you love, on your terms, not other people's terms. 

That was the old me. That can be the old YOU!

What You Will Learn

  • In this post you will learn how to set up themes for social media posts that will build trust with your audience.
  • Where to find inspirational quotes + how to use them.
  • I will also share the top 30 hashtags that I use on my instagram account to target my exact audience, as well as some bonus ones. These are perfect for creative entrepreneurs such as graphic designers, web designers, interior designers, photographers, freelancers of any type and creative shop owners, like Etsy or Creative Market.

Are you ready to do some work?

Good! Let's get you set up for your social media posts, starting with themes. I promise you, you will look like you hired a social media manager!

Social Media Posts | Plan Your Theme Titles

What is a theme, you ask?

It is your secret weapon to build trust, of course! 

You don't need a theme for everyday, but to have one once or twice a week establishes a method to your madness and builds trust. See the example below. It was created in Canva with one of their templates. It probably took me 5 minutes and I love it!

• The How-To Part

Look at the cheatsheet below and decide what theme or themes you want to use. Next, schedule a time on your calendar to create a theme template. Block off 50 minutes to create a template in Canva, Adobe InDesign or a design program of your choice. Work in 50 minute increments until you reach your goal of creating a template.

What is a Template? A template is a design that has a simple format that you can add and subtract new images to. 

You are basically putting together a puzzle, piece by piece.

• The Five Main Pieces of a Successful Post

1. Themes/Customizable Templates

2. Patterns + Backgrounds | Use a pattern. You may already have patterns that you use throughout your brand, but if you don't, Canva is the easiest to use because it is a one stop shop. They have an image bank with downloads at only a dollar each. Type "patterns" in the image search bar and see if you find anything you like. I talk more about patterns, designing your business online and how I do it, here.

3. Images | Find images on Canva, or join a subscription to stock photos, such as, Wonderfelle, Dear Miss Modern, Rosemary Watson Productions, Twigyposts, and Creative Market, to name a few.

4. Your Logo or Website's Address 


• Your Very Own Theme Cheatsheet

Choose one title that you will use every Sunday, Monday, get the point.
See what comes to mind with each one and see which might be easiest to do Sunday after Sunday. For instance, SHOUT OUT SUNDAY would be where you mention other people who have inspired, encouraged, challenged or ultimately made you better in some way. Then on SNACK SUNDAY, share a pic of your favorite snack and then do one better by adding a link back to your website where you share the recipe on your blog!

*Don't forget the hashtags! Each day has trending hashtags. Check for others that may work for you by Googling the day with the word "hashtag". You can even create + use your own that is unique to your brand.


  • Sunday Set-Up | Give a short, helpful tip for your niche, on how to get organized for the week.
  • Gratitude Sunday | Share what your perfect client would identify with in the gratitude department..
  • Shout-Out Sunday | Thank someone publicly with a "shout out".
  • Snack Sunday | Include images + a clickable link to the recipe.
  • Just Sayin' Sunday | Post short quotes that your target audience will love.


  • Motivational Monday | Add the hashtag #mondaymotivation to the copy below the image for even more leverage.
  • Mindful Monday
  • My Favorite Monday
  • Momma Moments Monday
  • Meeting Monday


  • Typography Tuesday
  • Tip Tuesday | #tuesdaytip
  • Taco Tuesday | #tacotuesday
  • Try Something New Tuesday | #trysomethingnew
  • Technology Tuesday | Share a different type of technology that helps you run your business. This can include apps, digital calendars, online project management systems and programs too!


  • Hump Day
  • Wednesday Wisdom
  • Wine Wednesday
  • Women Biz Owner Wednesday | Share your faves each week.
  • Work It Wednesday | Productivity Tips


  • Thankful Thursday
  • Thursday Thoughts
  • Thirsty Thursday
  • Throwback Thursday | #TBT


  • Friday Reads
  • Friday Night
  • Friday Funday
  • Fantastic Finds Friday | Share tips, tricks and finds that you had that week, that made life easier and goals easier to achieve.


Take a break! Don't post a theme on this day...unless of course, you are a #caturday person! 

• Quotes

TWEET THIS! "The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." ~Walt Disney

In between the themes, add quotes to a different type of template. Your quotes template doesn't need space for a title like the theme templates do. Use subtle, pretty backgrounds that are consistent with your brand colors. This allows the quote to stand on its own.

You can even leave the background white, because you are the boss and you CAN! 


My awesome client, Grace Redman (beautiful brand coming soon!), posted this beautiful quote on Facebook and in this case, it is a re-post. See the last part of the post? The author made this ready to go viral by putting their website. Always include your logo or website with quotes so when people share it, they can find you. And don't forget to quote yourself!

Designing these posts is quite easy and you will see pretty immediate results in the form of likes and comments. Remember, getting comments can take some time, but if you are getting likes, you are on your way to comments in the near future.

Types of Quotes

• For inspirational quotes for business, Inc. has some great ones. You can use any quotes as long and you credit the author. 

• Use words or a group of words that draws the audience in and makes them feel good. Try "Create Amazing", "Live a Life You Love", "Hello Sunshine". You get the idea. 

• Be funny! 

• Quotes from movies that your target audience will relate to. It will make them feel nostalgic, which will give them an excuse to take a break from reality (in a good way) for at least a minute or two. They will remember you for that!

Just Starting? 30 Instagram HashTags For a Creative, Home-Based Business, Mom Boss, Solopreneur Kind of Gal

I have used all of these at one time or another, but it took me awhile to find which ones I liked the best. 

QUICK TIP: Type one of the hashtags in the search bar in instagram and you will see images that have that hashtag. You will also see other hashtags between the search bar and the images. These are other ways to say it. Click on those new hashtags to see if those images have the vibe you are looking for, for your target audience.

  1. #abmabeautifullife
  2. #savvybusinessowner
  3. #whiteonwhite
  4. #designisinthedetails
  5. #designalifeyoulove
  6. #getitgirl
  7. #flashesofdelight
  8. #prettyprofesh
  9. #creativeentrepreneur
  10. #worklifebalance
  11. #thehappynow
  12. #ohwowyes
  13. #creativemomboss
  14. #communityovercompetition
  15. #waketomake
  16. #makersgonnamake 
  17. #creativelifehappylife
  18. #dearphotographer
  19. #petitjoys
  20. #creativebiz
  21. #createcultivate
  22. #calledtobecreative
  23. #stopcollaborateandlisten
  24. #mompreneur
  25. #tnchustler
  26. #bschool
  27. #theinstagramlab
  28. #beauthentic
  29. #dowhatyoulove
  30. #colorlove

Christian Hashtags That I Use too:

  1. #believer
  2. #risingtidesociety
  3. #catholicmom
  4. #christianwomeninbusiness

Photographers Hashtags

  1. #clickinmoms
  2. #dearphotographer
  3. #momtogs
  4. #thebloomforum
  5. #beyondthewonderlust
  6. #cameramama
  7. #newbornposing

ANOTHER QUICK TIP: Type one of these hashtags in the search bar in Instagram. It will give you a collection of images that have that hashtag. It will also give you other hashtags that are related. Look at the images that go with these other hashtags, by clicking on each one. You can find others that may work for you, so take a little time to be an investigator and BAM! You are becoming a strategist, which means your business is going to change for the better!


Jean Coelho