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the format: what to expect

I am so happy you are here! I know the questions you have, the bumps you are hitting and the way to get unstuck.

These module links will go live each week throughout the course, with the goal of keeping you focused on one step at a time, with the least amount of distractions.

I also want to touch on what the format of The Fab Designer Profit Society is largely based on, and that is ACTIONABLE STEPS through coaching + community. Traditional courses have slide decks and videos embedded into the training pages for the course.

This is not a traditional course.

The modules will be covered in our VIP Facebook Group in the form of LIVE video that can be viewed of course, LIVE, or when it is most convenient for you to dig in and complete the work for the module.

In the past, I have created slides and narrated them, but my beta audience wanted a more personal approach, so that is what we will do! I also know that this is an effective approach, because what so many of us creative entrepreneurs are lacking is support!

resource library

I will add the resource library on October 22, for those that are a bit more advanced and would like to access the templates, swipe files + contracts sooner, rather than later. I just want you to be able to focus on researching your competition and ideal client, this week. No matter where you are at in your business, this will be an invaluable exercise so that you are laser-focused and not having to guess about anything anymore. That just causes worry, and I am here to help you eliminate that so that you can sip your coffee or tea (I love both!), without that nagging feeling in your chest, about where your next client is coming from…and how you are going to pay this bill and that bill.

the trello challenge board

Each week, we will keep track of your progress, so you can be awarded fun prizes for completing the workbook tasks!