I am so excited to announce that I am now accepting guest bloggers!

The Co. part of Sweet Blue Bird Design Co. could be YOU! My mission for 2017 is to provide more valuable + actionable information to creative entrepreneurs, freelance graphic designers, content writers, photographers, interior designers and solo biz owners in need of anything about design, marketing and business. Let's work together to reach women in business, that work from home and are raising a family. Just because we aren't in the same towns, doesn't mean we can't support each other, right?

If you have a team player attitude, agree with guidelines below and want to reach more people than you would just staying in your corner of the world, then you are in the right place! Keep reading...

Monthly Themes for the blog

I have already organized my blogging schedule for 2017 on Trello and each month has a theme. Because of this, the time that your post will be published depends on what month your topic falls in.

I am accepting articles for the following topics:

  • Home-Based Business
  • Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping For Creative Freelancers
  • Legal Info For Creative Freelancers
  • Style for the Work From Home Mom
  • Organization
  • Email Marketing
  • Content
  • Blogging For Freelancers
  • SEO
  • Passive Income
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Squarespace Website Design
  • Landing Page Tips and Tricks
  • Photography Tips For Online Businesses
  • Meal Planning and Nutritional Tips for Busy Work From Home Moms
  • Home Office Set-Up
  • Freelancing


  1. Submit a new article to the web.
  2. Tutorials + How-To's with a free worksheet make me jump up and down with joy! My audience loves actionable posts...and so do I!
  3. Browse over my Blog Archives and look for topics that have not been covered, then fill that gap.
  4. I can't wait to hear your ideas! Please fill out the form below and we will get the ball rolling.
  5. Include 3 Headlines with your submission.
  6. Submit 1-3 Topics you would like to write about and you will receive an email with the date that I need your post by.
  7. Make sure that it is at least 800 words long, no longer than 1,500.
  8. Use a keyword phrase, repeated three times throughout the article AND once in the headline.
  9. Break content down into subheadings to get the reader's attention and make the article easy to follow.
  10. Use 2-4 sentences per paragraph, under each subheading.
  11. Create your post in Google Docs.

About You

  • Email me your beautiful head shot to be displayed in my guest blogger header design, at the top of your post.
  • Include your website and/or blog's URL.
  • Provide me with a 1 paragraph bio.
  • Include any social media accounts you would like to have included for promotional purposes.
  • Craft a summarizing statement for the bottom of the post and don't forget to include 1 or 2 questions that will promote comments.
  • You may include a content upgrade or opt-in freebie. Send PDF ahead of time for my approval, along with the link to your email list, to allow people to sign up.
  • No affiliate links please.
  • 1-2 photos for the post with appropriate credits.
  • You may link back to your blog, 1-2 times, where it applies to your post topic.
  • I encourage you to include 1-3 quality outside links to sources that would be beneficial to the readers.


Please have a friend or colleague be a second set of eyes, and review and edit your post before submission. I am terrible at proofreading!

After your submission, I will let you know if there are any changes that need to be made on your end, before it is published.


Before your post goes live, I will send you an email with the link where it will be. You are welcome and encouraged to promote your post! Also feel free to write a blurb about it on your blog, the day that it is published, with a link to the article here on SBBDC.

Please check back often to keep up with any comments that come in, that day and throughout the week.

That's it. Thanks so, so much for your submission!

I can't wait to read your post.

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