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Designing Savvy Feminine Brands

for lady boss, creative entrepreneurs that want to worry less and profit more, beautifully.

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You are here because you are a creative professional

and you are looking for the hostess of your champagne-popping, open house party, who can serve up show-stopping designs, to your raving fans.


I am Jean Coelho. brand Hostess, creator of raving fans,
believer of community over competition + accidental educator


but first, a bit about you

The thing is, you want to create a heart-centered, feminine vibe that needs a powerful digital strategy built-into your brand, as the wind under your professional wings, right? Understanding how to create the perfect-for-you brand is not where you want to put your time and energy, but this dream of profiting from your passion has been keeping you up at night, from time to time…OK, maybe more than that…so it’s time to make your dream a reality! Let’s start with a virtual coffee chat, shall we?


The Nifty Nine

You need:

  1. A designer that has run her own successful, online business and brand, and understands what needs to happen behind the scenes to reach, profit, and grow

  2. A streamlined client experience that has a timeline

  3. An approach and solution that is customized to your unique business

  4. Clear instructions throughout the branding process and someone with strong communication skills to keep you on task

  5. To be treated like a friend in the business, that knows her designer has her best interests at heart, for the best results

  6. a designer that has professional partners on hand, with different Top-notch skill sets, such as a copywriter, photographer, or social media marketing manager, to name a few

  7. a high-end, professional online presence. even though you work from home, your brand needs to attract your tribe, between loading the Insta Pot and waiting in the pick-up line at school…while binge-listening your favorite podcasts

  8. Unique design details that will set your brand apart. (Like the pretty little graphic above!)

  9. A return on your investment


Get your beauty rest + leave your awesome first impression + growth strategy to me!


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My story: the highlight reel


My Insta-Story

Occasional coconut milk latte lover

Always hot or over ice, tropical tea lover

Faith, family and laughter for the win

Wanna be plant lady - 1 fiddle leaf fig, 3 succulents and 1 rubber tree…still alive

When I am not working I enjoy watching cooking shows, while cooking

Accidental educator for my 3 kids, going on 8 years now! Perfecting the art of work-life balance. Loving the journey!

Cuban American - this translates to lover of latin music while I work, just to keep the party lively!

Also on my playlist: Lauren Daigle, Brett Young, Adam Levine, Lady Antebellum, Luke Spehar, and Andrea Bocelli (variety is the spice of life, right?!)

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The Heart
of the Matter

I’m Jean Coelho and I have a love for all things design, online business, and beautiful branding that doesn’t feel like branding…it has to feel like home.

I have worked from home for 16 + years as a freelance graphic designer, but I did it terribly for 10 years until I shut my website down and started from scratch! So much of what and why I do what I do, reflects my lessons learned from those terribly stressful years, living pay check to pay check. I wanted to do something about the abuse graphic designers receive and help others who work from home have a beautiful online presence. I felt it shouldn’t be restricted to corporations with deep pockets.

I knew that there had to be a better way.

I turned to Pinterest and researched like a boss, so I could design + teach like one! 10 days later, after applying the changes to my new website, I booked a $6,000 full brand client. That was at least 5 times what I had been making! Do you want to attract and deliver to higher paying clients, like I did?


Ironically, during that time, an award-winning, national publisher out of Chicago stumbled onto my Behance account and hired me a month later. It came at a time that I was actually praying for a retainer client…the call came one week later, to be exact! In June, I will celebrate 6 amazing years with J.S. Paluch, designing high-end cover designs each month.

That is roughly 400 cover designs! YIKES!

While restructuring and rebranding my creative business to fit my kids vs. mom schedule, my oldest daughter Julia became very ill and was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. She had many complications, and because of that, I chose to send my signature goodbye page to my last full brand client and ended new client work for 2 years. That was so hard, but Julia needed me and I am happy to say that she is doing much better!

That time away gave me time to teach what I had learned through blog posts, an e-course for freelance graphic designers (Enrollment is soon. Take a free test drive of one of the modules, in workbook format, and get on the list to be notified first when the doors open!) and podcast interviews.

Branding and design is back open in the studio and I couldn’t be happier! I am a true believer that it isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey. When it comes to a beautiful brand, brand identity pieces, a solid, online marketing strategy, website design and social media marketing, the journey was my teacher. I have my finger on the pulse of online business for the savvy home-based creative entrepreneur, and lastly, but definitely not least, I have been there and am happy to show your brand a future full of hope. Sound good?

Beautiful designs and equally beautiful strategies are at the heart of my business and can be at the heart of yours too!