Heart-Centered Designer, I get it! Freelancing is hard.

My motto: I don't want anyone to feel alone on my watch.
Just because you feel like you are blazing a trail that no one has ever been on,
that doesn't mean that it is true.

Together we nail down the contracts you need, the systems you need in place, and the templates and tools that streamline the process for less stress and more profits.



Designer of Pretty + Practical Digital Products 

The Why

Your time is precious. You need the perfect-for-you clients ASAP. I know. l spent 14 years working for clients that weren't the right fit for me, in between my 3 kids' naps. Worn out from too many years of clients that haggled for deals, I made a drastic change to my website, using Pinterest to research successful graphic designers. After 1 week, I booked my first $6,000 print and web, full brand design client! Once that project was finished, I knew that I wanted to give other freelance graphic designers access to the solutions that I created to solve my own feast or famine problem...and here we are! 

The What

Online educator. Creator of digital designs, worksheets + e-courses that clear overwhelm and spark growth... perfectly crafted from the been-there-done-that, in-house art studio.

The Who

Jean Coelho :: 23 year veteran brand designer 

Wife to John > Homeschooling mom to Julia, Catherine + Michael > Ex-competitive long distance runner > Addicted to the Masterclass trailers > Instagram for business lover > Illustrator > Jimmy Fallon fan > DIY biz girl > Fixer Upper Fan > Daughter of a Cuban Immigrant > Went to the only Catholic High School in Utah > Overcomer


My hourly pricing, undefined dream client, lack of systems and non-existent design processes, consistently signaled that I was an easy target for those with small budgets and little respect for my skills. I knew I had to find a way to change that! ~Jean



My Fave Creative Resources


My biz transformation started when I wanted to figure out how to repel the people I didn't want to work for. 

A difficult part of my creative business owner journey, was that I had to come to terms with the fact that I was attracting these people. I was mad. I was tired. And, for sure I was ready for a profitable change! My hourly pricing, undefined dream client, lack of systems and non-existent design processes, consistently signaled that I was an easy target.

For about a year, I had been listening to podcasts that could teach me how to be a better online biz owner. It was then that I found Ilise Benun, otherwise known as the Marketing Mentor. She was the first one that I had ever heard talk about packaging up your pricing, and gaining leverage by choosing one niche and marketing to them.

I hired her to help me, and I am forever grateful for our time together! Because of her, I was able to learn how to request and get higher rates with an existing client, as well as how to fire a client that was not working out.

After working with Ilise for a short time, I turned to Pinterest.

I used Pinterest to research designers that were running their business like a brick and mortar, and I found Elle & Company, Salted Ink and Saffron Avenue. They were basically dominating Pinterest with amazing designs and blog posts that cleared away my newbie, freelancer brain-fog. I looked at how they did everything. Then I made it my own. It was because of them, that I was able to figure out what would work best for me and my stay-at-home reality. I am truly grateful to them for being my virtual mentors...oh and Pinterest...I'd like to thank Pinterest too. (Winky face emoticon).

Next came Twigyposts.

The first thing to get an overhaul on my website, were my photos. I needed professional looking photos since I am not a photographer. Jana Bishop's photos were a perfect fit. Nowadays, I use some of hers and some of mine, but at the beginning, it was all her! Creative Market was where I found her, but now she has a subscription based shop that I can't recommend enough. Then, If you need any design elements, fonts or a different style of photography, head over to Creative Market. You can't go wrong! In fact, I am opening my own shop there very soon, so stay tuned!

Now, if you want to invest in your own creative, self development, The Bloom Workshop run by Michaela Beel of Michaela Noele Designs, and Ashley Slater of Ashley Slater Photography, is my favorite! These two sweet and knowledgable women joined super powers to create a beautifully refreshing, 2 day creative retreat. I went last year to the Bloom Bash in Carmel, CA. It was the highlight of my year! Meeting other like-minded creatives is a game-changer or your business and I recommend putting something like this on your calendar once a year!

Lastly, for group support all through the year, turn to The Savvy Community and Launch Brand Grow. These communities offer mastermind opportunities which help push you out of your comfort zones and into the profitable, #communityovercompetition zone!