Module 2 :: Services and Pricing



* This client questionnaire for print is a basic jumping off point, easy for customizing to fit your unique needs.


The Transformation starts when…

• You stick to the facts and take the emotions you are feeling…(doubt, fear, insecurity, or suffer from comparison syndrome)…out of the equation

• You map out exactly what services you want to provide

• How much you want to charge for packages

• You discover and set-up the best timeline for your design process

• You create a payment schedule for your clients

• You apply all of the information you have gathered into a beautifully branded pricing guide

• You see your confidence grow after you do all of the above

• You affirm that you are on the right path and recognize that you are/ or will be a gift to those that are your perfect clients

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 10.20.42 PM.png

Module 2 Outline

  1. Work through to the IDEAL CLIENT STORYBOARD WORKBOOK from the RESOURCES section from above. Here you will customize your Ideal-For-You client. Print it out.

  2. Download the PACKAGE PRICING GUIDE. This is where you will find my existing, newly created, package pricing for my own services. If you would like to create your own design, you can copy and paste what you want to use from mine, into that. If you would like to customize the guide that I created in Canva, go here. If you want to use a different template design, I used a template from the resume layout section. Find one you like and customize the info that I provided to fit your needs and pricing. The services and pricing are designed for my target audience: Work-From-Home Moms, that are Creative Solopreneurs. $3,500 is a good top package range for this type of target audience.

  3. After you are able to see my pricing packages and price ranges, download + print out the PRICING + SERVICES WORKBOOK from above to create your own packages and pricing.


Click the link below the embedded PRICING GUIDE TEMPLATE to edit document in Canva.