Module 4 - The Website

Set up a website that attracts the right clients and repels the undesirables.

My favorite About page examples | Hailey Dale, Lauren Hooker, With Grace and Gold, Sweet Blue Bird Design Co. (Mine of course!)

My favorite Content Resources | Ashlyn Writes: 29 Website Headline Swipe files, Kayla Hollatz: Website Copy CPR

This module sets you up for success with your website. There are certain things graphic designers need to do to attract the right clients, and plenty of them!
Housekeeping for this module:

  • Download the Module 4 Workbook

  • Watch the video.

  • Dig into the workbook and answer the important questions. After you know the goal of your website, who your ideal client is, and what exact services + digital products you will provide, your website set-up will take shape MUCH FASTER!

  • Access my favorite resources and examples above.