Module 4 - Your Winning Website

#allthethings you need to attract the right clients, entice them to stay awhile and impress with solid problem solving info that sells…without looking like it.

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Resources | Contact Form Questionnaire Sample | Module 3 Workbook |
Client Homework + questionnaire Template | Branding Board Template
Email Swipe FIles for an Assortment of Client Situations |
Canva Mood board Template | Indesign Mood Board template

This module will have you set up an online business that attracts who it needs to attract and repel exactly who it needs to repel. You don’t have time for that!

Housekeeping for this module:

  • Download the Module 4 Workbook + watch the video to create a rock-solid HOMEPAGE • ABOUT PAGE • WORK WITH ME PAGE • CONTACT PAGE