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Module 6 - Extra Awesome Resources

Fabulously free

Amazingly gracious creative entrepreneurs have agreed to partner up with me so that I can share their best free resources.

These are things that I know that you need, so why not share? Right?! I wanted to save you googling more stuff.

Money Breakthrough Sessions 15% discount :: Foundations Guide (Downloadable PDF) :: Katie Scott

Content that converts: Airtable Base :: Layne Lamarre

Automated Workflows for the win! :: Layne Lamarre

5 steps to Simplify your business | Simplified Systems Workbook (Downloadable PDF) :: Ashley Gartland

Achieve Your Profit Goals with this resource library (live on Monday, April 22) Andrea Layne

The ultimate sales page | 20 Opt-In Ideas to grow Your Email List :: Amanda Ganther

Paid resources

Sometimes you have to pay for the good stuff, but how do you know it is good? Lucky for you, I am telling you!

Try the Content That Converts: airtable Base {FREE} first. if you like it and it fits your business,
you may be ready to go to

airtable like a boss (See below)

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