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Do you want to avoid launch burnout?

Or worse, a launch that falls flat? Love your launch, grow your business, and most importantly, do it all from a place of rest!

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Brand your Launch

So, you have something big that you want to introduce to the world, and frankly, the thought of spending late nights trying to develop a strategy gives you that I-just-sucked-on-a-sour-lemon face.

Designing and strategizing this yourself would be fine if you had the time.

You could drop your need for a designer that specializes in launches, into the comments section of a Facebook group that has graphic designers in it. UGH! Decision overwhelm looms large with that option, doesn’t it? With so many brand designers, strategists, and brand stylists out there, how do you know who is the Chip Gaines to your Joanna? The answer is, that the first two possibilities come with quite a few large question marks…so let’s pretend that they don’t exist so that you can get back to business, shall we?!

Your products and services need a branded level of professionalism, but, here at Sweet Blue Bird, that comes second to a strategy. I know exactly what you need in your launch package because I fine-tuned the process during my own launches.

Since a goal without a plan is just a wish, my goal is to wrap up your strategy with your brand’s unique voice so it does the talking for you... but better! Get your rest,
you deserve it. Need a landing page that gets valuable emails in exchange for a workbook, cheatsheet, or template?

No problem!

Need your launch pretties designed for conversions, but this is outside of your wheelhouse?

I’ve got you!

Do you think you are looking for a unicorn, because you want to find another creative entrepreneur, that has been there, done that?

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 7.39.51 PM.png

look familiar?

If your checklist for a launch design partner looks a little something like this, you are in the right place!

✔️The right lady boss can design her way out of a paper bag, while eating a taco

✔️My girl needs to have been through a launch or two…or three

✔️She strikes up conversations with random strangers at Starbucks, about the tools she has found that work best for launching + marketing online

✔️Her timeline is a dream, keeping my downtime to a minimum

✔️She only takes one Brand Your Launch client at a time so I can get the best experience possible. (Space is limited, with 6 spaces open for booking in 2019)

✔️A seasoned veteran at running, marketing, and attracting the right people, with a brand voice that is unique to me and my awesome audience

✔️She is a believer, doesn’t swear, (seriously, the f-bombs in marketing lately is a big pet peeve of mine) and ranks honesty and transparency high on her list of core values.
(This is at the bottom because this is at the foundation of my business!)



Timeline > 4-6 weeks >>

01. | The Start

Free 30 minute discovery call to see if we are “business friend” material. Communication and connection are at the heart of my signature process. If we hit it off, my Great Brand Expectations Guide *GBEG will land in your inbox, tied with a bow…(not really, but close!)

02. | The Plan

This is where you will map out your launch plan in the GBEG. Together, we will hop on an hour call to discuss #allthethings so that whatever you are launching: your website, course, blog, podcast, webinar, and/or online marketing plan…to name a few…it will spark joy!

03. | The Design

So that you can launch like a boss, from a place of rest, I take our plan and breathe it into life. Choose from 3 pre-made branded launch designs, or use our premier service to customize your own, complete with moodboard to bring your vision to life.

04. | The Marketing Materials

Thought leaders, like you, know that your materials do the speaking for you. My workbooks, cheatsheets, checklists, social media graphics, and branded cover photo designs, in Twitter and Facebook, are designed with your goals built firmly into them.

05. | Personalized Launch Guide

Looking good sweet friend! We are almost there! Receive your launch plans in a private Google Calendar format. Then, choose to receive your Digital Launch Packet, with everything you need to schedule and launch yourself, or let us handle everything for you. Cue the confetti fireworks!


Space is limited! Only 3 spots left for May + June, 2019 Launch Plans


Brand Sweet Brand

How can I help you with your next launch? {Psst: I have gifts!}

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Make an impact with a sweet variety of high resolution styled stock photos.


A DIY launch doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Get the steps now!


The blueprint for creating graphics for your next launch is only a click away.

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