fab freebies

Let me be the first to spill the beans about having an online creative business, if you haven’t heard it before.

It can be confusing, overwhelming, and downright frustrating when you see other women rocking their creative businesses all over the internet. They make it look easy, right? You are also bombarded with pitch after pitch, coach after coach, and course after course, asking for your hard-earned money, that you may or may not have. How do you know where to start?!

Take a breath!

The truth is, start here. Start with the freebies. They are like training wheels on your precious child’s, shiny new bike. They build confidence.
The right ones will get you focused on the who, what, and especially, the why of your business.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting or hitting the restart button, I can help. I have done both, and these free offerings are my gift to you! Hello, clarity!


Discover Your Ideal Client + set-up pricing to match their budget

This workbook will unlock the secrets to who you want to work with, and what marketing will work best. By tapping into these valuable nuggets, your business will truly develop into a thriving endeavor, because you will learn exactly how to talk to your audience in a way that will create connections and inspire action.


Brand Voice Personality | What is yours?

Your brand voice is the unique way that only you have, to communicate to your ideal client. Understanding what that is, will help you tremendously with your marketing’s messaging, from your blog, to your social media posts, to your collateral print pieces. Stop guessing if you are on the right track. Which style are you? Find out now!

Free Brand Audit

Would you like to have 15 minutes to ask me any question you have about your online presence?
If you work from home, have amazing creative skills, and want to get the answers to something that is holding you up right now, this is for you! Reaching out does wonders for you when you don’t know what to focus on first. Find out if hiring me is the best option for you, or I can direct you in DIY-in it.