Online Business

Connect the dots between your unique skills and your ideal client, with a successful online business plan. Don’t know how to find your ideal client using social media marketing, online marketing, or how to expand your reach waaaaaay beyond your city or town? Then you are in the right place! I have been there and done that!

My Fave Tools for Instagram

Don’t keep feeling alone in your corner of the world. Tap into Instagram without loosing your mind, with these tools and tips that will connect you with like-minded creative entrepreneurs and ideal clients.

Just starting? How to plan + design a Profitable, creative online business

Congratulations! You have made the leap and you should give yourself a huge pat on the back, buy yourself an unlimited supply of hot and cold drinks from Starbucks, and dig into this blog post with pen and paper handy. Go!

7 Things to avoid when you are first going from freelancer to creative entrepreneur

Do you call yourself a freelancer? I did for 14 years and didn’t realize that this title comes with a mindset that didn’t set me apart as an expert + CEO, but got me stuck as an employee. Learn what to avoid and what boundaries to set.