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Since 2015, I have been helping freelancers from all over the world, gain the confidence they need to charge what they are REALLY WORTH
(not what other people think they are worth), find their perfect-for-them clients, and set up profitable online businesses. I also have a million
heart eyes for creating feminine brand design with a cozy, modern vibe!

If you have been nodding your head so hard, to all of the above, that your top-knot bun just fell out, this blog, my sweet friend, is FOR YOU!

Get ready with your favorite cuppa something. You will find pure nuggets of gold that will help you build a powerhouse of an online nest.

Fill up on How-To’s to your heart’s content!

Hello there!

Grit and grace live here. Pull up a chair!

I am Jean Coelho, the creative soul that had her biz boundaries pushed to the limit after 15 years of being a freelance graphic designer!
Now, I am an online biz educator, brand designer for creative women, and maker of pre-made digital downloads for the aspiring DIY’ing it,
creative entrepreneur. New to freelancing and running an online biz?
Start here. Tired of the dumpster-diving, underpaying, micro-managing client who is “not picky”, and want better clients ASAP? Then you need to read the blog! How about out-of-the-box templates for contracts, and other fun business things that aren’t handed to you when you become a creative entrepreneur? Visit my online shop!

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Wondering How to Find Design Clients?

Get the flying lessons that you need for your creative online biz, and start profiting like the lady boss that you are! No more guessing.


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