Not sure how to stop taking

The side-hustle type of work that is leaving you feeling unfulfilled?

Making the transition from taking work just because it is there, to setting up an actual creative, online business that lets you call the shots, can feel like you are trying to jump out of a plane without a parachute. It doesn’t help that those you love keep telling you that you need to get a REAL job, right?! They may also want you to keep clients that you don’t love working for, just for the money.

I just experienced this because I let go of my retainer client of 6 years, at the beginning of March, 2019. I had been creating layers in my business to help support me when this relationship ended…I didn’t want all of my eggs in one basket. But, for the last 6 months, it got harder and harder for me to work on my own business. On top of that, I DREADED doing their designs. My husband DID NOT want me to quit, but it didn’t feel good anymore. I finally had to fire them because they were having financial problems and even though it was scary, I felt nothing but relief and hope after I sent that goodbye email!

Do you want to feel that? Or…

Are you just starting or hitting restart

as a Freelance Graphic designer?

I was there too! I know you are overwhelmed with where to start, who your target audience really is, how to book clients, set up systems, all the way down to what online tools you should be using. Seriously, you are not alone! Everyone starts out with the same questions that are keeping you up at night, or zoned out on while drinking your Starbucks and gazing at your laptop, hoping the answer will just appear.

Are you ready for a brighter future without all of the question marks? I don’t want you to have to google your freelance questions anymore!


Cue The Fab Designer Profit Society

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So, would you like the steps I used to land my first $6,000 client, 1 week after my new, intentional website went live?

How about access to resources for content creation, money management for your biz, contracts, on-boarding, off-boarding, client management, systems, social media marketing, and more!

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ditch the overwhelm, feeling unfulfilled, and follow solid steps to profiting from your passion.

Take action like I did! I am Jean Coelho and I am the creative mind behind Sweet Blue Bird Design Co.


The Fab Designer Profit Society

What you will get

This course has 6 core modules that cover all of the components needed to build a freelance business that attracts the right clients.

Get the tried and true foundation laid without the stress that comes with trying to piece the answers together
as you go, ALONE! You won’t be alone!

Freelancer Tool Kit • 15 Templates + Swipe Files

  • Link to my Favorite Contract for Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Print + Stationary Designers > by Annette Stepanian

  • Dream Client Finder

  • The Ultimate Freelancer Online Biz Checklist

  • Brand Board Template

  • Mood Board Template

  • Brand Client Questionnaire

  • Design Process Timeline

  • Website Questionnaire

  • Package Pricing Template Designs

  • Rate Ranges + Pricing Examples According to Experience • Beginning - Advanced

  • Email swipe files for:
    • On-boarding Potential Client Follow-up emails
    • On-boarding + Off-boarding New Clients
    • Difficult Client Emails
    • Collaboration + Pitch Emails

  • Booking Out Trello Board

  • Content Calendar for Social Media Marketing Your Freelance Biz (A MUST!)

  • Video Training for Setting Up Dubsado

  • Resource Cheatsheet

  • Business Finance Fundamentals for Digital Entrepreneurs > by Katie Scott

  • Content that Converts: Airtable Base > by Lanie Lamarre

  • Automated Workflows for the Win > Lanie Lamarre

  • 5 Steps to Simplify Your Business | Simplified Systems Workbook > by Ashley Gartland

  • Achieve Your Profit Goals with Andrea Layne‘s New Resource Library

  • The Ultimate Sales Page + 20 Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your Email List

Create a biz that takes you from freelancer to creative entrepreneur!


The Investment


My Guarantee

My Signature Roadmap + Community
= A confident, profitable Designer

(5) in-depth tutorials will guide you through the exact steps that you need to take. This is specifically tailored to serial course takers, beginners, and those wanting a restart.

Course Materials in the form of workbooks, worksheets, cheatsheets and questionnaires.

A Valuable Resource Library for you to access whenever you want. Contracts, templates, swipe files, and course materials available for digital download, as well as professional resources and discounts from other creative partners.


You will receive my signature Freelancer to Creative Entrepreneur Questionnaire, we will schedule out the best time for us to do your call, I will go over your questionnaire and craft a simple business + marketing plan to get you unstuck!

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 9.43.57 PM.png

Jean is so lovely,

and gives such helpful advice for running your own design business. I believe she genuinely wants everyone to succeed. I love her friendly posts in her facebook group. I always save the business tips to go back and review. I implemented her hashtag advice earlier in the year and have seen the most growth in my instagram following since. Thank you Jean, for being so lovely and sharing your knowledge with us all.

~Chrystal Fleming :: Indigo Ink


This Course is more
than I anticipated...

…in a good way! I love the way Jean explains everything so clearly and in a way that is fresh and real, not just a repeat of everything that’s already out there. And the resources...There are so many helpful resources, swipes and templates included! The whole package together is just what I needed to guide me along. ~ Tricia Isham :: Website Designer/Developer

Beth Wilson testimonial.png

"Although I'm not a beginner in design,

I am certainly a beginner to the business side of design. The Fab Designer Profit Society was fantastic in helping me lay the foundation for building a better design business.
The provided templates are fantastic - my fave being the Project Notebook! I can see myself referring back to many of the templates time and time again. I have more confidence in myself as a business owner and knowing I have a solid framework for providing my clients with a great experience through the advice offered in this course."

~Beth Wilson

nancy ruzow at work.jpg

My favorite resource…

…was the Be Beautifully Booked-Out Checklist! It is a great resource to refresh or start your brand. It asks pointed questions so that you can (re)discover your focus in a step by step format. I recommend it for anyone who is feeling the need to define themselves more, so they can target the right audience for their business"

~Nancy Ruzow :: Ruzow Graphics

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 9.56.01 PM.png

Jean is full of knowledge, design talent, interpersonal and organizational skills

and imparts all of that through her teaching. But what sets Jean apart from the crowd of those in the online education space is her deep and personal investment in her students. I was cared for, not only as a designer and student, but as a person, and that has made an impact on me and the growth of my business that I’ll never forget.

~Shaina Longstreet, Your Ampersand Studio


About Jean

At the age of 25, Jean pursued her dream of being a graphic designer by enrolling in Platt College of Design, in Newport Beach, California. After graduation, she needed work, so she worked for a local temp agency as a receptionist, until one day, a classmate from art school came down the stairs and saw Jean answering phones and making copies for the V.P.’s. As fate would have it, Jean was hired into the marketing department of an accounting franchise firm, that same day. (Oh yes, it was a fun as it sounds.)

She created the training materials for their franchisees, as well as designing 2 national conventions a year, in places like Chicago, San Diego, and Miami. But, after a year in the Los Angeles area, she met her future husband at a college reunion, and headed to San Francisco to be closer to him. Because working for one financial type of company wasn’t enough, (cough, cough) she went to work for Franklin Templeton Investments, in…you guessed it, the design department. I know, I didn’t know these places had design departments either.

After putting 3 years into working in male dominated, corporate America, she married and moved to a small dairy town to learn how to freelance and be a mom.

She then spent 14 years designing for anyone that had money, even if it was at a highly discounted rate. In between her 3 children’s naps, crockpot meals, and playdates, Jean earned her Master’s in online business and design from the university of Google. Nowadays, she homeschools her 3 teenagers, enjoys spin class and long walks at sunset…ALONE. But, teaching other freelance graphic designers how to set-up their online businesses like the lady-bosses they are, is truly one of her passions, besides design. She is an overcomer. and a creative problem solver with a heart for relationship marketing.


You are in the right place if:

  1. You know design, but are not so familiar with running a freelance business online and are ready to get help.

  2. You want to repel the dumpster diver clients.

  3. You want to find out who your target audience is.

  4. You want to profit from your passion.

  5. You need resources that are designed to help grow your freelance business.

  6. You are tired of figuring out #allthethings on your own.

  7. You want to set your website up in a way that does the selling for you, without feeling like you are selling.

  8. You have a family and you need this freelance dream to work.

  9. You kind of hate courses, but love resources.

  10. You want to make real changes, by creating a business reality that fits into your family and your schedule.


Now is the time if:

✔️ You want to take advantage of my fast-acting bonus, so that you can get a strategic business + marketing plan that is unique to you.
✔️ You need expert guidance BEFORE you dive into the course.
✔️ You want to book out your calendar with perfect-for-you clients before summer starts.
✔️ You want to get an amazing course + stellar resource library for freelance graphic designers, at a ridiculously low rate.



1. Who is this course for? This course is for freelance graphic designers that are in the beginning and/or restart phases of their online business. It is also perfect for serial course takers that have not seen the follow-through and results from other online courses. This is a resource course, to encourage swift action and guide you away from procrastination, fear, doubt, confusion and overwhelm, AND most importantly connect you to a likeminded community of savvy designers. Hate courses? Me too! That is why this is swipe file, template, and resource library heavy!

2. How often is The Fab Designer Profit Society offered? This is offered once a year as a self-led course. Next enrollment will be in May of 2020.

3. When does The Fab Designer Profit Society officially start? As soon as you want!

4. What if I have any issues downloading or accessing any files linked to in the course? Email me immediately at and I will fix the issue for you.

5. Do you offer refunds for the course? I am happy to offer refunds within 30 days of your purchase. All I ask is that you show proof of your work in the workbooks and other resources found in the course, and why you would like to be refunded. Refunds are not issued to those that have utilized the 1 hour Online Biz Strategy Call Bonus.

Get started today!

*3 Month Plan Available • $169 per month