How would you feel if you were able to truly profit from your passion?

Proud that you stuck with it and didn’t go back to the 9-5 that you hated, or feel tempted to sign up with Fiverr? Relieved, that you can finally tell the doubters in your family that you are booked out? Happy, because you can finally attract the types of clients that don’t push your boundaries anymore and happily pay what you are worth?


That was over three years ago.

The same month that I started creating my first course, my daughter became ill, had to have emergency surgery for a large cyst and was repeatedly hospitalized. We later found out that it was Celiac Disease and many other issues that stemmed from that. We also had just moved and were living in an apartment until our house was ready to move into. Because of all that was going on, I decided to stop offering branding services.

>>On top of all of that, our car was broken into and we were robbed of all of our electronics, while we were eating dinner on the way to move into our new house!

A new fire was lit inside of me!

I now had first-hand knowledge of how important it is to have a solid system in place during times of unexpected life experiences.

I focused on developing course materials before, during and after hospital visits. I was on social media at the hospital. I saw what people were struggling with in their creative businesses. I heard people like you, saying that you felt alone and wanted a community, collaborations and more of the right types of clients.

I didn’t plan on listening for so long.

It was hard for me to see other designers posting their latest brand boards. I wanted to be designing again!

So, for two years I had to watch and listen.

It was the best thing I could have done!


Cue The Fab Designer Profit Society

No more wishing things were better (1).png

take action like I did! I am Jean Coelho and I am the creative mind behind Sweet Blue Bird Design Co.

Have you been looking for step-by-step freelance guidance, a mastermind community for brainstorming and support, and one on one consultations, complete with deadlines?

If the answer is YES,
This course/mastermind/coaching
hybrid experience is for you!

transform your creative biz by 2019!

Why me?

After freelancing badly for 14 years, not to mention that I did this without a creative community to support me,
I had to make a choice.

  1. I could keep going the way I was, living paycheck to paycheck, not booking clients in advance, freelancing without any systems (I kept looking for the handbook and couldn’t find it), haggling with potential clients over pricing…you get the picture.


  2. I could research systems that have been proven to work by successful freelance graphic designers. Armed with this info, I could develop a business that worked for my reality, so that I could find, attract and book clients that were happy to pay me what I was worth.

Needless to say, #1 was not an option anymore!

Booking my first $6,000 client, after only a few months of designing a business I was in love with, was proof that I had found my answers.

I had to share what I learned.

Since then, I have gathered a pretty awesome tribe of over 1,400 on Instagram, grown my email list by 300%, was a presenter on Client Attraction on the Simply Profitable Designer Summit, along with a host of other amazing lady bosses, featured on the Get Back to Design Podcast, and am host to an engaged tribe of 300 creative women on Facebook!


Click the Podcast link above to listen!



Doors open for enrollment and happy dances
until Sunday, October 14 @ 11:59 PM

Enroll in The Fab Designer Profit Society by Clicking one of two options



What you will get

This mastermind-style course has 6 core modules that cover all of the components needed to build a freelance business that attracts the right clients. Get the tried and true foundation laid without the stress that comes with trying to piece the answers together as you go, ALONE!

Tools and Resources.png

What ’s Included

My Signature Roadmap + Community
= A confident, profitable Designer

(6) in-depth tutorials will guide you through the exact steps that you need to take. This is specifically tailored to serial course takers, beginners, and those wanting a restart. Because of that, you will get the tutorials in video and audio format, with one week to implement the changes in between the modules, as well as lifetime access. The one week timeline is in place to help you prevent procrastination + see change, however, you will be able to refer back to specific modules, anytime you like, after the course is completed.

(2) Live Co-Working Sessions in our private Facebook Group. One on week four and one on week eight. We will set the timer for 25 minutes and work on content together, with a Q+A session after. This is to give you a specific time to take action, blast procrastination, and feelings of being isolated in your own corner of the world.

Course Materials in the form of workbooks, worksheets, cheatsheets and questionnaires.

Valuable Resource Library for you to access whenever you want. Contracts, templates, swipe files, and course materials available for digital download, as well as professional resources and discounts from other creative partners. (See below)

(3) Accountability Challenges, one after week two, one after week four and one after week six, to encourage you to complete each module and celebrate your wins!

(1) 30 minute Strategy Zoom Call With Jean

Freelancer Tool Kit • 15 Templates + Swipe Files

  • New Brand Contract

  • Dream Client Finder

  • The Ultimate Freelancer Online Biz Checklist

  • Brand Board Template

  • Mood Board Template

  • Brand Client Questionnaire

  • Design Process Timeline

  • Website Questionnaire

  • Package Pricing Template Designs

  • Rate Ranges + Pricing Examples According to Experience • Beginning - Advanced

  • Email swipe files for:
    • On-boarding Potential Client Follow-up emails
    • On-boarding + Off-boarding New Clients
    • Difficult Client Emails
    • Collaboration + Pitch Emails

  • Booking Out Trello Board

  • Content Calendar for Social Media Marketing Your Freelance Biz (A MUST!)

  • Customizable Social Media Templates with the 80/20 Marketing Combo in Canva

  • Resource Cheatsheet


What ’s Next

After joining The Fab Designer Profit Society master/course, you will receive an email welcoming you to the tribe, with a special link and login information to access the course page. This also unlocks your membership into the Resource Library, Course Community, and instructions on how to stay in the know for our Facebook Live sessions.

New Video and Audio Modules Will Be Added Every Week

How much does it cost?

{$6.60 per day!}

*3 Month Plan Available • $169 per month



1. Who is this course for? This course is for freelance graphic designers that are in the beginning and/or restart phases of their online business. It is also perfect for serial course takers that have not seen the follow-through and results from other online courses. This is a hybrid mastermind + course, to encourage swift action and guide your away from procrastination, fear, doubt, confusion and overwhelm, AND most importantly connect you to a likeminded community of savvy designers. (3) one on one coaching hot seats are included as the final piece of the puzzle found in this unique take on e-courses.

2. How often is this Master-Course offered? This is offered once a year in the fall. Next enrollment will be in 2019.

3. When does The Fab Designer Profit Society officially start. There is a welcome webinar on Saturday, October 13, with the first Facebook Live session on Monday, October 15th.