When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, other people build windmills. ~ Chinese Proverb
Let’s build a windmill together!


Unique Branding Packages

Are you needing a branded marketing package that includes strategy sessions and all of the beautiful touch points that I have used in my own launches?This pairing of graphics + strategy are the keys to conversions!

Inspire that growth that you desire + help those that need what only you can offer. Let’s make an impact!

The Most Value


The Santa Barbara

Let’s talk about support + getting the whole enchilada without confusion about what you get, when. How good would it feel for you to know that you have a design partner that has been there, done that? AND who has your strategy, schedule on auto pilot, and template designs handed to you at the end of this, tied together with a cute little bow? …not a physical bow, but I will say that my love language is giving gifts, so get ready to be pampered! This package is so packed with value, because you have enough worries. I’ve made it so that this isn’t one of them!

Strategy, Direction Board + on point graphics for the win

Brand Guide 

Ideal Client Questionnaire 

Logos, Tagline, Fonts, Color Palette, Patterns 

Business Card

Digital Email Signature

Email Marketing Starter Kit 

Printed Marketing Collateral 

High-End Squarespace Website, 4-6 pages 

Coming Soon + 404 Page 

SEO - Search Engine Optimization 

1 Launch + Convert Sales Funnel Unique-to-You Social Graphic Templates 

1:1 Live Video, New Brand Training Password Protected Client Portal 

The Carmel 

You have an uncanny ability to just know what to do when it comes to showcasing your skills on the daily, right? Going digital with your business is a necessary step so you can truly reach those people that need exactly what you have to offer and you are ready for that step. With this kit you will walk away with a beautiful brand, and most importantly, all of the tools you need to continue running a profitable online marketing plan, sunset after sunset. 

This package goes way beyond being the design-only path, as it should be. It is specifically crafted to attract, reach and grow your business on autopilot with a proven system for online success. Let’s toast your latte and my Blue Mango iced tea, to your success, shall we?

Online Branding

Tap into the power of owning a Gorgeous, On-Brand Squarespace Website & implementing an Email Marketing Plan that simply converts viewers into buyers. 

Ideal Client Questionnaire + Intake Form

Logo + Tagline creation for digital use

Online Brand Guide complete with color palette, fonts, and design elements

Email Marketing Starter Kit: Digital Email Signature, 1 Launch + Convert Sales Funnel, ConvertKit Email Account Build-Out, Email Sequence, and Tripwire

Facebook Cover Photo

High-End Squarespace Website, 4 pages

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

1:1 Live Video, Brand Training

Password Protected Client Portal for reviewing designs throughout the process.

The Napa Valley

This package is perfect for you if you have a logo & website, but are ready to invest in a digital marketing plan that is reverse-engeneered to focus on profit first. You are busy, I know! I love being able to give you peace of mind, because you will know that this side of your business will be set-up and designed by someone who gets it. Finally market to your happy dance type of client, with a rock solid strategy, stellar design, and an advanced online marketing plan that activates valuable sales funnels based on my W.O.R.K. system. 

Welcome prospects with the first steps they need to solve their problem, for free. 
Open the minds of your viewers with content that takes them on a journey to simple solutions. 
Redirect people away from complicated solutions, to your paid solutions that bring relief + results. 
Keep them coming back for more. Utilize my professional content shortcuts to build the like, know, and trust factor. Consistency is the secret sauce for a thriving business. This package will definitely do the trick, so you can get back to doing what you love!

Digital Marketing Plan

Ideal Client & Intake Questionnaire

Digital Marketing Plan

Content Topic Buckets

Graphic Style Guide and template recommendations, Best Practices For Your Sales Funnel and Tripwire

Email Marketing Starter Kit

Instagram Package / content marketing plan