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How To Use Website Copy To Boost Sales & Your Confidence

A free Webinar For Freelance Graphic Designers

WEdnesday, August 22 @ 10 AM PST :: All attendees will receive: 

A downloadable guide that maps out what each web page should include

A complete 3-package pricing guide template for designers


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Hey There, Freelance Designer friend!

Ready to use that website of yours to attract clients that are higher quality and higher paying?

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Free online training

Wednesday, August 22
10 a.m. Pacific


The Who

You’re a designer who wants to book out her calendar. If only you could get those dream clients to notice you!

It’s not you or your design talents. It’s your website copy.

Your website visitors aren’t converting because you’re not speaking to the right people and you’re not providing the right information where it counts.

Let’s change the narrative, literally.



How to Use Website Copy to Boost Sales and Your Confidence,

you’ll learn:



Topic 1


• Must-have's for the main page of your website.

• What you must include on your design services page, and how a few tweaks of your content can stop those time-wasting discovery calls.

• What your blog posts really say about you (and your business)

Topic 2


• How to communicate that you are an authority to be trusted to solve their problem.

• What type of message impresses your target audience every time.

• The informative details that need to be included to attract higher paying design clients.

Topic 3


• The necessary format that you need to convert viewers into buyers.

• Why the ABOUT PAGE isn't about you and how to create it with our easy-to-implement steps.

• What calls to action are, how to use them and where they need to be to make your audience take action.

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Your hosts: Abby + Jean

Powerhouse content creator and creative online biz bestie, at your service!

Jean Coelho and Abby Herman have teamed up to bring you this informative, pitch-free webinar to help attract the right clients to you-
-with just a few tweaks of your website copy.

Jean is a graphic designer and mentor, who works with ladyboss designers to take the guesswork out of freelancing. 
Abby is a content strategist and copywriter who helps business owners get their written message out to the right people, in the right place and at the right time.

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So what do you say?

This webinar is totally pitch-free. No strings. The entire webinar will be value-packed and won’t include a 20-minute pitch-fest at the end! Pinky swear!