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1 :: 1 Beautiful Branding + Design

Having a creative friend in the business is like being a guest on James Corden's Carpool Karaoke drive about! Am I right?! You have been wanting to brand your social media posts, but you want to do it right and feel overwhelmed with where to start. Actually, while you are at it, there are other aspects of your biz that need special design attention and that is my super power! Don't go to bed one more night, wondering how to attract the right clients. Let's get eyeballs on YOU! Find out who your perfect client is, what content they enjoy scrolling through while they sip their coffee, and then deliver your unique services in a pretty, profesh + profitable way.   


Happy Hours

All of this DIY stuff is great, but you are looking to get some answers to your questions, so that you get the much needed clarity and direction that you deserve. Need an action plan? I can do that. Struggle with social media for your biz? Not sure why your website is not working for you? Need clients ASAP? My happy hour sessions may be just what you need to get unstuck. I know that I have gotten unstuck from a short call with someone that is neutral AND an expert. I am ready when you are! Let's do this!



In person Speaking &/or Virtual Summits

Connecting with others through stories is my favorite way to connect and teach! I love weaving the crazy things that I have experienced into my presentations. As a graphic designer of 23 years, online biz owner for 14, accidental homeschool mom for 7, and last but not least, reformed people pleaser, I know we are all in need of encouragement. My mother-in-law and my own parents, taught me hard lessons that helped empower me and ultimately led me to happily embrace the title "overcomer". Since I didn't have much encouragement all of these years, I want to pay it forward. I believe we all need to be a strong force for good, and I am here to make a contribution in whatever
way I can!

Interviews + Guest Spots

Do you have a podcast, membership site or blog in need of a voice for the home-based creative business owner? Teaching what I have learned as a freelance graphic designer, while raising 3 beautiful kids, is my favorite past-time! Why? Because I never thought I would get far enough ahead to help anyone! I was buried in diapers, crock pot meals and some (not all) crappy, underpaying, micro-managing design clients, for what felt like FOREVER! If your audience consists of creative, stay at home moms, that are bravely juggling business and managing their growing families, we may be the perfect fit!
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